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Disney Adults are actually very cool for these reasons

Disney Adults are actually very cool for these reasons
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Disney Adults get a bad rap. We wear park tees in public. We beat all the kids at Disney trivia. And we can’t shut up about Disney. Here’s why the younger generation is actually jealous of Disney Adults.

Disney Adults

If you’re reading this, you are probably a Disney Adult. You may know it and flaunt it, or you may be really confused. Let me explain.

A Disney Adult is typically a millennial who is completely obsessed with Disney. Having kids or not doesn’t matter because you would go to the parks regardless of what your family looks like.

You probably wear park tees even at home, and you Instagram all your Loungefly bags. As I (Monica) type this, I’m wearing Star Wars socks and a shirt with the castle on it that says “My Happy Place.”

You either have a Mickey bumper sticker and/or a Disney tattoo – probably both if we are being honest here.

Anyways, you get the point. Disney Adults just love Disney so much, and we don’t care who knows it. To others who don’t “get it,” we are some of the scariest people on the planet. Many argue we simply refuse to grow up and instead want to spend every day living in Fantasy.

To that, I say…ok you’re probably right. But, here’s why that isn’t such a bad thing.

Being a Disney Adult helps us forget about real life

Disney Adult nay-sayers hate that we play in Fantasyland because “it’s not healthy” or “that’s not how to cope with problems.” Listen, I am a responsible adult. I pay my bills, I raise my kids, and I am involved in social and other real-life issues.

Setting healthy boundaries is important, and I believe my Disney hobby is no different than people who enjoy cooking, hiking, or photography. We all have something that helps us forget the world’s problems for a little while – something that brings excitement and passion. Disney Adults are just lucky enough to have theme parks based on literal Fantasy that help us forget about the real world.

We had the best movies and shows

Hercules. DuckTales. Goofy Movie. If you are a Disney Adult, your childhood likely revolved around the Disney shows and movies of the 80s and 90s. There is no denying that after the wave of amazing Disney movies in the 1950s, the 80s and 90s are where it’s at.

How do you not continue to love Disney when so much of your childhood nostalgia is wrapped up in the feelings you had when you came home from school and popped in your VHS tapes of Gargoyles?

Disney has given us Disney Adults live-action remakes and prequels, too, and so our love for the brand lives on. Not only that, but we can also enjoy the magic of Disney movies again – this time through the eyes of our children. Is there anything better than your kids loving Toy Story as much as you did when you were their ages?

We can go to Disney Parks as often as we want

Disney Adults are adults. We now have jobs and money, and we no longer depend on our parents to take us to the Most Magical Place on Earth. Not only do we get to escape to Fantasyland for the day, but we can also buy whatever we want. And, we can even go without our kids!

People who hate Disney Adults are probably just jealous they don’t get to pursue their hobbies and interests as much as we do.

Some of our best friends are other Disney Adults

Birds of a feather flock together, am I right? You will inevitably find others who share a love for Disney, and they can become some of your very best friends.

When Kenny asked his pirate crew for writers to help him create content, I jumped on the opportunity. I had an unending passion for Disney, and I am still so thankful that this is my job.

What I wasn’t expecting was the friendships our group of writers formed. We regularly talk about things that aren’t Disney related, and we plan trips to Disney World (where else) every July. Yes, we talk Disney a lot, but we also share personal things. We know what sports our kids play and how to cheer each other up when someone is having a bad day.

Disney is powerful and bonds people together. Disney Adults not only love Disney, but for the most part, we are just awesome humans to be around.

Disney Adults are completely unashamed of their love for Disney

We love Disney, and we do not care who knows it. Being a Disney Adult comes with a certain level of confidence in yourself and not caring what others think of you.

We love Disney bounding or cosplay. Disney Adults will totally crush it at Disney Trivia Night and won’t give it a second thought. We are the first to show off our cool Peter Pan tattoo that brings us so much happiness every time we see it.

In this world today, it is hard to find people who are totally and completely their authentic selves. Everyone shows off this facade so they can appear a certain way around others. I would argue Disney Adults continue to be themselves despite the world telling them it’s completely cheugy (yeah, that word deserves its own post).

Listen to the Disney soundtracks. Buy the merchandise. Take as many trips as you want to Disney. Be your authentic Disney-loving self.

Embrace your Disney Adulthood!

Don’t worry about what those around you think of your Disney Adulthood. You’re an adult now. You can make your own rules and choose to vacation anywhere you want. Enjoy the magic of Disney through your children’s eyes (if you have them). It’s ok to love Disney. Acknowledge what Walt Disney created and appreciate how it brings you joy.

There are worse things to be addicted to.

Are you a Disney Adult? What’s your favorite thing about Disney? Let us know in the comments below or share them on Facebook. You can also join our KtP Crew, which is a community of (mostly) Disney Adults planning Disney vacations and sharing their love for the company.


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