Home Disney Entertainment We now have a premiere date for the Behind the Attraction docuseries!

We now have a premiere date for the Behind the Attraction docuseries!

We now have a premiere date for the Behind the Attraction docuseries!
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We all love to check out behind-the-scenes documentaries and videos on our favorite rides and attractions, right? Well, Disney+ is about to deliver! A few details have been released about this highly-anticipated docuseries called “Behind the Attraction.” We now have more information on when it will premiere!

Behind the Attraction

Did “The Imagineering Story” leave you begging for more behind-the-scenes history of the Disney parks and attractions? The history of Disney projects absolutely fascinates me, and I loved every episode of “The Imagineering Story.”

“Behind the Attraction” will be very similar in that it will offer a rare insight into the creation, history, and fascination with many of the beloved attractions, resort hotels, and even transportation systems at Disney Parks around the world. We first shared this news back in 2019, and we have been waiting for it ever since!

Director and Executive Producer Brian Volk-Weiss hopes that viewers will “gain a second sight ability that whenever they see an attraction, or even just hear them spoken about, that they know the hard and frequently risky effort that Disney and Imagineers put into making their time at the parks as special as possible.”

“Ever since I visited Walt Disney’s first studio in Kansas City, I’ve wanted to direct something that touched on the magic that he and his company were able to create,” he also said.

Premiere Date and Other Details

“Behind the Attraction” will premiere exclusively on Disney+ in July! Specifically, the first episode explores Jungle Cruise. It is reportedly set to debut on July 16.

Fans can catch “Behind the Attraction” on Disney+ beginning July 16.

Starting with Jungle Cruise makes perfect sense because not only is it one of the opening day attractions at Disneyland, Disney World, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Tokyo Disneyland, but the live-action Jungle Cruise movie also debuts in July.

Other episodes spotlight Haunted Mansion, Star Tours, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Space Mountain, it’s a small world, and more. New episodes will likely debut each Friday on Disney+.

In true documentary fashion, interviews with those directly involved in bringing each attraction to life and other creative minds will be part of “Behind the Attraction.”

I am very excited for this series! We will be sure to keep you updated with trailers, new release information, and more.

Will you be watching “Behind the Attraction” in July? What attraction do you hope is covered in the docuseries? Let us know on Facebook.

Sources: D23 and @DPlusNews

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