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Outdoor dining changes are now underway at Disney World

Outdoor dining changes are now underway at Disney World
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As Disney World prepares for the increase in summer crowds plus returning to normal park operations, changes are currently underway for outdoor dining.

Return to Normal

Disney World has made major changes to the parks and resorts now that many restrictions are lifting and studies are proving that temperature checks and 6 feet distancing is no longer necessary.

Not only have temperature checks been eliminated, but physical distancing markers in common areas, queue lines, and theaters are mostly gone. Disney Cast Members are now squeezing in more people per ride vehicle, theater row, and more leaving only one seat between parties for the most part.

Masks are now no longer required in outdoor common areas. Just last week, Universal Studios Orlando made the announcement that masks would no longer be necessary indoors. Orange County is now under 5% positivity rate so will see an announcement from Disney soon?

Outdoor Dining Changes

As Disney World moves back to normal, changes are also occurring at outdoor dining locations. Previously, tables were marked off to ensure Guests maintained proper physical distancing, as seen above at Cosmic Ray’s.

Now, those stickers have been removed from outdoor locations at Magic Kingdom. This allows Guests to sit at every table now. The other three theme parks are likely undergoing the same changes or will do so soon.

Stickers have been removed from tables outside, allowing Guests to sit at all tables.

What about indoor dining?

pinocchio village house dining view

However, tables inside restaurants still have appropriate markers.

How much longer will that last, though? Many days are sold out at all four theme parks even with Disney increasing capacity. People need to sit somewhere to eat, and I am guessing indoor tables will soon lose the stickers and signs before long.

I suggest eating your meals before/after busier meal times. Grabbing food at 11 am or 1 pm will help ensure you can find a table easily. Consider sitting down for dinner at 5 pm or 7 pm. An even better idea would be to grab table-service reservations to avoid the issue altogether. Indoor restaurants still have appropriate spacing, so it may be a bit harder to find reservations. Check out all my tips HERE.

Are you comfortable sitting closer to other parties while eating outside? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.

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  1. I have no problem sitting closer to others inside as well as outside. If Disney is increasing capacity they need to open up more restaurants and eliminate table restrictions inside as well.

  2. We absolutely have no problem sitting close to anyone! This needs to end. It’s too crowded at Disney to give up any seating. Glad to see everything getting back to normal!

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