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Rumor: Universal Studios will make new changes to the mask policy

Rumor: Universal Studios will make new changes to the mask policy
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Universal Studios Orlando is rumored to make new changes to its mask policy soon. Will Disney World do the same to keep up?

Update: this rumor is TRUE! Check out our newest update HERE.

Universal Studios Mask Policy

While most of our Central Florida planning tips and news stories revolve around Disney World, we do also cover Universal Studios.

When the theme park reopened last summer, masks were required at all times just like at other theme parks in the area. However, after CDC guidelines changed stating vaccinated individuals could remove masks while outdoors, Universal changed its mask policy.

Effective May 15, Universal Studios Orlando dropped the mask requirements when outdoors. At this time, masks are still required on all attractions and indoors.

Just a few hours after Universal made the announcement, Disney World did too. You can read about that news HERE.

Mask Mandates Dropped… Completely?

It’s rumored that Universal Studios Orlando will soon drop the mask requirements completely…indoors and outdoors. It’s important to note that so far nothing has been made official by the company so treat this as nothing more than a possible rumor.

Will this rumor turn out to be true? Will Disney World make a quick announcement just like they did last time? Many Disney Cast Members were caught off guard with the last announcement and did not know about the news ahead of time.

We shall see what the next few days hold. With summer crowds beginning with the Memorial Day holiday this weekend, there are going to be a lot of people visiting the theme parks in Central Florida this summer.

Stay tuned and we will be sure to keep you updated on any announcements coming from Disney World and Universal Studios!

Do you think it is time to drop all mask mandates? Let us know by dropping a comment below or on Facebook. You can also join our KtP Crew and continue the discussion there!


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  1. That is fair, if you are comfortable then wear it and if you are comfortable don’t wear it. Personal choice.

  2. Vaccinating my 6 year old is not an option. I will be there soon and will wear a mask in support of my child regardless of the policy. As a person living with MS which is triggered by a common virus, the risk is not worth the slight inconvenience. It is proven, masks can save lives and I will do my part as my civil responsibility to my fellow humans.

  3. My experience even with the no required masks outside policy is that it’s still hard to cool off in the Florida heat when you have to put the masks on when you walk inside. You still have the heat from your breath staying right there in your face. Busch Gardens is maskless already. It’s time to get rid of mask requirements. If you feel better wearing them go for it.

  4. if you ask me its high time they got rid of this stupidity altogether already it never should have begun in the first place masks don’t protect you against anything they never did so why keep them around please sheeple get a brain

  5. Yes!! Drop all mask mandates! If you have the vaccine, what is there to worry about? You’re covered right? If you don’t, then you know the risk and are accepting the chance you may or may not get Covid. A two tiered system of Americans is only going to cause more division and animosity.

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