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New signs (literally) point to the return of Minnie Vans

New signs (literally) point to the return of Minnie Vans
Credit: Disney


Is the Minnie Van service returning to Disney World? Some new signs (literally) point us in that direction.

Minnie Vans

Credit: Disney

Disney halted its paid rideshare service when the parks reopened last July. These stylish, yet overpriced to many, polka dot vans moved Guests around property and back and forth to the Orlando International Airport.

Sadly, these Cast Members who operate the vehicles were laid off last year, and Disney has remained tight-lipped about when the service may return.

However, with many of the health and safety protocols being relaxed, a few clues lead us to believe the service may resume again!

Lyft app

We shared the first sign yesterday when we noticed the option to choose a Minnie Van was available on the Lyft app. I completed a pretend request, and it allowed me to choose Minnie Van and select the service. You can check out the screenshots HERE.

Now, this by itself isn’t necessarily anything to get worked up over. I don’t think it’s likely this option was left up for almost a year, but it is not out of the realm of possibility.

Hollywood Studios rideshare signs

The next sign (literally) comes from Hollywood Studios. The rideshare signs have all been relocated in the parking lot back to the bus area. Yes, Minnie Van specific signs are included with the others!

This is also important to know because if you are planning to use a taxi or other rideshare service like the regular Lyft vehicles or Uber, you will be picked up in a new location.

All rideshare pick ups and drops off have been moved at Hollywood Studios.

It seems its return is not a matter of if but when. We will continue to keep you updated on the possible return of Minnie Van service!

Have you ever ridden in a Minnie Van? Are you looking forward to riding in them again? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook. You can also join our KtP Crew and continue the discussion there!

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  1. I used them about half a dozen times each trip. It would be nice if they came back. I used it to the Port once and as airport transport a few times also. it was my favorite way to get around Disney. They need to bring back the things which made Disney a cut above other vacation spots

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