Home Animal Kingdom An Animal Kingdom attraction is now using a backstage queue

An Animal Kingdom attraction is now using a backstage queue

An Animal Kingdom attraction is now using a backstage queue

Disney World is getting busy. As a result, some attractions are using an extended queue allowing Guests to see the not-so-desirable backstage area.

Increased Capacity with Reduced Physical Distancing

Never has a headline like “Increased Capacity with Reduced Physical Distancing” made me feel like we are heading back to normal at Disney World. Did we ever think we would hear the words “please fill in all available space” again? Well, we are certainly headed there.

Disney has made some pretty huge announcements in the last week or so. Not only have they begun reducing physical distancing in many areas of the park, but capacity limits have also increased as well.

So, how is it possible a queue line is so long it needs to extend to the backstage area?

Kilimanjaro Safari

This morning, a Kenny the Pirate reader shared that the Kilimanjaro Safari queue at Disney’s Animal Kingdom has extended into the backstage area. The backstage area is the part of the park that Guests do not typically see. The Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run queue frequently uses the backstage area at Hollywood Studios.

Having to walk the backstage area does put a damper on the experience as it is not themed like the actual park is. Check out the photos from our reader.

As you can see in the photos, there is little to no physical distancing between some parties. Many Guests are only a foot or two away from other Guests while others are still maintaining some distancing.

Why the extended queue?

What is happening in Animal Kingdom to make Guests walk through the backstage area if distancing is not implemented like it used to be?

Well, one theory has to do with A Celebration of Festival of the Lion King. Now that the show is back up and running (yay!), the safari queue can no longer use the Festival of the Lion King queue.

Our reader shared that even though the posted wait time was 45 minutes, she was able to get through in about 20. I find that a little strange that a relatively shorter wait time is needing to use the backstage area with reduced distancing.

We are unsure how often Kilimanjaro Safaris will use the backstage queue, but it is something to keep in mind if you plan to visit.

Have you ever seen the backstage area while waiting in an attraction queue? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook!

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