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News: Will the Disney Dining Plan return in 2022?

News: Will the Disney Dining Plan return in 2022?
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With the exciting release of 2022 Disney vacation packages and tickets, Guests are getting a glimpse into the future of Disney World. Many Disney fans are wondering “will we see the return of Disney Dining Plans in 2022?” Here’s what we know.

Disney Dining Plans

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Many Disney fans love the Disney Dining Plan! This plan allowed Guests to add an “all inclusive” element to their trips by having their meals paid in advance.

When Disney World reopened in July 2020, the Dining Plan was temporarily suspended.

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Eager Dining Plan enthusiasts have been wondering ever since: “when will the Disney Dining Plan return?”

2022 Disney Vacations

Vacation packages and Theme Park tickets have now been released for 2022, and Guests are learning a little bit about what the future of Disney has in store for them.

Disney World Park Pass reservations are here to stay, for now anyway. The Park Pass reservation calendar now shows dates through January 2023!

One day ticket prices will remain the same as previous years, but there are less dates than ever available with the lowest price ticket. The result: most Guests will pay higher ticket prices for one day visits than before.

The face mask requirement in Walt Disney World is also here for the time being, or at least until the end of 2021. Disney CEO, Bob Chapek, is hopeful the mask mandate may be lifted by 2022.

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Fans also recently learned that they’ll have to find their own way to Walt Disney World. Beginning January 1, 2022, Disney’s Magical Express will no longer be shuttling Guests to and from Orlando International Airport.

Disney Dining Plans

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Guests were hopeful that 2022 would bring the return of the Disney Dining Plan, but unfortunately, this is not the case.

As of now, there are no Disney Dining Plans available for vacation packages in 2022.

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There is no word on when the popular dining packages will return.

This does not mean they are off the table for next year, and things can change at any time. Keep checking back here at Kenny the Pirate and we’ll be sure to update you on any Dining Plan status changes!

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Are you disappointed that Dining Plans are not available for 2022? Let us know on Kenny the Pirate’s Facebook page, or join our crew and continue the discussion!

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  1. Our family has NO plans ever to return to Disney. With all their cost-cutting and wokeness policies, we will no longer be a participant. There are many other amusement parks along the East Coast to visit.

  2. disney is getting more diappointing, first the buses, then the luggage, buying your own magic bands, no dining plan, and they are a woke company. everything that made it magical is gone, they went to become a nightmare instead of the happiest place on earth, we will miss the old disney.

  3. The DDP is guaranteed revenue for Disney, it also, almost, guarantees people will stay in the parks. I think one of the main reason the DDP has not been brought back, yet, has more to do with staffing then anything else. I hope Disney brings back the dinning plan by our Oct. 2022 trip. We missed it when we went in Oct 2020.

  4. My family traveled to Disney from CT, once a year, every year from 2010 till the pandemic caused us to cancel our 2020 reservations. With all the reductions in service and options I haven’t even considered restarting our annual trips there. Between the cut of the magical express and the dinning plan, Disney no longer has the appeal it once did.

  5. Why pay 10x when I can go to a theme park that is closer to home. I was planning on going all out with the deluxe meal package but I guess I can save my money and go elsewhere.

  6. Dorothy how many meals and drinks did you buy a day per adult just working out cost with not being offered the free Disney dining

  7. It really makes no sense to stop the dining plan. People that make reservations and will be at the park all day will be eating at the parks and buying meals there. What is the point of not letting them pay for that meal in advance? I can get the idea that character experience dining might be an issue with social distancing but that is a separate thing anyway. If you paid for the quick service dining plan you are paying in advance for the meals you are going to eat while you are there.

    I’m hoping they add it back in during the phased reopening in July of 2021 right before the 50th anniversary.

  8. Very disappointed that the Dining plans are not available. Seems like Disney again is cutting costs to the company, but driving up the costs for the visitors. Because of the Park Reservation system, Park Hopper cancelations, lack of the street entertainment, lack of character opps, we have already canceled plans for our family and the 2 extended families to return to Disney in 2022—that’s roughly about $17,000 Disney will no longer be collecting from us. Price was not an issue—Disney has just retreated to the cheaper, no-frills adventure park similar to Six Flags or Carowinds parks. It’s now time to go to Universal Studios and Sea World. The inconveniences and reduction-in-services that Disney is now offering are just not worth the effort when we can get a better experience from Universal Studios.

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