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Gideon’s Bakehouse Announces Official Grand Opening Plans

Gideon’s Bakehouse Announces Official Grand Opening Plans

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Gideon’s Bakehouse has announced its grand opening plans, including some special prizes you can receive! Plus, find out how you can enjoy some of their delicious treats before the official date!

Gideon’s Bakehouse

Back in June, we shared news that Gideon’s Bakehouse, a bakery selling what looks like the world’s best cookies, would be opening in Disney Springs. Although we had no timeline of when this may occur, we were absolutely drooling looking at the photos of these enormously scrumptious cookies.

The bakery itself looks so neat, with dark decor and interesting back stories. The sign hanging outside the door says “cookies, cakes, curiosities.” The gargoyle perched on the building even has a neat story behind it!

“At 5:18 am on December 18th, 2020, a mysterious creature flew over our Bakehouse at Disney Springs, stole our G, and perched atop the building. He has yet to move, and we have a feeling he might stay. We are in possession of the journal of Jonathan Lindwurm, the original shop owner of the space we occupy. With it, we hope to uncover the history of this new guardian of Gideon.⁣”

It reminds me of a mix of gothic architecture and a museum of curiosities. I’m here for it.

Closing Temporarily

The bakery had a soft opening a few days before Christmas, and judging by the photos I saw on twitter, they had a wildly successful day. The wait to get into the bakery was hours long, but it looks so worth it. Take a look at some of their menu offerings.

Unfortunately, they closed just after the New Year.

Their Instagram announcement read, ““Effective this evening, Gideon’s Bakehouse at Disney Springs will be temporarily closed. Keep your eyes here for news on our reopen, and we welcome you to visit our @eastendmkt location to satisfy your dessert cravings. Thank you!”

It appears as if they just needed to add some finishing touches to their bakery before officially opening because we now have grand opening plans!

Grand Opening

This morning, Gideon’s Bakehouse announced its grand opening plans, including the date, one-day menu offerings, and some special gifts you can receive.

“It’s time! Let’s do a Grand Opening! This Saturday, January 16th, we invite you to join Gideon’s at Disney Springs for an official celebration. Why is this event not to be missed?

#1) Get a free commemorative Limited Edition 11×14 Art Print of our Gargoyle. Each will be signed and numbered by artist Michael Reyes! They are limited to 1000 pieces and available one per transaction. NOTE: We have discovered our guardian’s secret name, and it will be written on the print. Legend has it that if you correctly pronounce his name, you will gain his protection. I know it. Will you?

#2) Free 3×5 inch Gideon’s Gargoyle sticker! One per transaction with each available Gargoyle Print!

#3) FIVE Limited Edition Cookies for a total of 10 Flavors today. Our 6 Per Limit is raised for the first (and maybe last) time ever to 10 per person! What Limited flavors, you ask?

  • COFFEE CAKE COOKIE (Beyond just the morning!)

Check for descriptions.

#4) FREE Peanut Butter Buttercream Dip for the first 250 Transactions because it’s fantastic, and you should have it.

#5) The release of our new Gargoyle T-shirt!

#6) Cake slices for Red Velvet, Key Lime Pie Cake, and The Peanut Butter Banana Double Frosted Chocolate Cake!

#7) Extended time for Hot Cookie Hour with Homemade Ice Cream!! 7 pm to 9 pm!

PLUS! Pair all these goodies with Gideon’s Cold Brew because you can’t leave without trying our locally roasted, carefully blended drinks. The Original Peanut Butter Cold Brew pairs with all things Chocolate! Ginger Snap Cold Brew is pure magic with the Coffee Cake Cookie and the Gideon’s White Cold Brew pairs with everything in life!


See you this Saturday! Be prepared to sign up, in person, for a Virtual Queue. Enjoy Disney Springs while you wait!

How to enjoy the bakery before the grand opening

Can’t make it to the grand opening? Does your trip end before this Saturday? They also announced they are opening their doors back up today, January 14! They do say they are not up to 100% yet so excuse the dust as they update and repair a few more things.

So, if you will be visiting Disney Springs in the next day or so, you can still enjoy their amazing cookies and treats before the official grand opening! However, with all those neat prizes, I would definitely try to make it on the 16th for the grand opening!

Have you tried Gideon’s Bakehouse yet? Will you be going for the official grand opening? Let us know on Facebook!

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