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Disney shares an update regarding tickets and sold out park days

Disney shares an update regarding tickets and sold out park days
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Ever wonder what to do if you bought multi-day date based tickets but one of the days you planned to be in the park is sold out? Disney offers an update answering this question!

Sold out park days

Completely sold out park days are not uncommon, but they do happen. Just recently, all four theme parks were completely sold out of park pass reservations. This meant no new Guests were able to make park passes and enter the park unless other Guests released their reservations.

You can read more about this HERE.

We will likely see this trend throughout the holiday season on weekends. As we have mentioned before, with shortened park hours locals are waiting to visit the parks on the weekend. Combined with regular holiday tourists, weekends will be a lot busier than weekdays.

Multi-day tickets and sold out park days

Guests who purchase date-based multi-day Disney World theme park tickets may run into an issue if one of the dates they are visiting is sold out. This can be very stressful because it could mean losing out on one of the parks you planned to visit, wasting money, and needing to come up with something new to do that day.

Disney has shared an official update about what do to if you are stuck in this situation. They state:

Guests purchasing date-based, multi-day Walt Disney World theme park tickets may select their days of admission from a specific time range (also known as their validity window). Therefore, we recently updated our ticketing systems to allow you to order multi-day theme park tickets, even in circumstances where Disney Park Pass reservations may no longer be available for select days during that guest’s validity window.

In this situation, [the Guest] will be able to make theme park reservations on days within the ticket’s validity window (based on theme park availability), although he or she will not be able to make a reservation or visit a park on a day when reservations are unavailable.  

For example:

[The Guest] requests a 3-day Walt Disney World theme park base ticket (last day of the validity window is 4days after the selected start date)

They select a start date of March 1, however in this example let’s assume that there are no Disney Park Pass reservations available for March 3 but Disney Park Pass reservations are available for all of the other days during the validity window.

In this example, [the Guest] will be unable to visit the theme parks on March 3, but may use their 3-day ticket to obtain a Disney Park Pass on three of the other four days within their validity window: 

March 1

March 2

March 4

March 5

We expect that Walt Disney World multi-day, date based tickets will remain unavailable for order in situations where there are too many days within the ticket’s validity window where Disney Park Pass reservations are unavailable, and therefore [the Guest] would (as of the time of the order) be unable to make park reservations for the full amount of days available on their ticket. 

Please remember: To enter a theme park, all Guests ages 3 and older must have a park reservation in addition to valid admission for the same park on the same date.

What this means

Basically, this means you can still purchase tickets even if one of the days is sold out. You still won’t be able to visit that day, but you can use all your tickets. In the instance where there are too many sold out days, you will not be able to purchase multi-day date based tickets.

Additionally, if you think you will be visiting during a popular time (the week between Christmas and New Years, Easter weekend, etc) it would be wise to consider purchasing tickets and making those park passes as soon as you can, while they are still available.

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