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Major Technical Issue Causes Problems at Disney World this Morning

Major Technical Issue Causes Problems at Disney World this Morning
Credit: Disney

A major technical issue caused problems this morning at Walt Disney World. Did you experience issues this morning?

Technical Glitches

Ah, technology. It’s a great thing when it works and a major pain when it doesn’t. It feels like almost every aspect of our lives revolves around technology.

This is particularly true at Disney World. From mobile ordering to checking into your hotel, it seems like so much of the Guest experience revolves around technology. This can be a really great thing, but it can also be terrible when there are issues.

Recently, a Disney-wide glitch made it impossible for Guests to get boarding groups for Rise of the Resistance. There were also issues with other My Disney Experience app features that day as well.

More specifically, a second glitch within the app made it appear as if some Guests were not in the park even though they were. This made it impossible to get a boarding group.

You may also remember way back earlier this year, a similar technical issue caused problems at Magic Kingdom. Guests were let into the park without having their Magic Bands or tickets scanned.

Glitch at Animal Kingdom This Morning

This morning, an issue at Disney’s Animal Kingdom caused a delay in the usual morning entry process for Guests.

It appears as if there was an issue with the system, and Guests needed to be manually checked into the park. Instead of using the scanners, Cast Members were manually scanning bands or tickets.

Unlike the Magic Kingdom incident stated above, they could not just be let in. This is due to the need to control capacity and maintain physical distancing in the park.

This caused major back ups at the entrance of the park. We hear that Cast Members kept things running smoothly, and the lines made it through pretty quickly.

Was there a glitch in the other parks as well?

We are unsure if this same glitch affected the rest of the Disney Parks. We would love to hear from you! If you were in the parks this morning and experienced long entry lines due to the technical issue, we would love to hear from you!

Please share your experience this morning over on our Facebook page. You can also join the KtP Crew as well and share there! We love to hear live reports from the parks!

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