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All the Information on Annual Pass Cancellations

All the Information on Annual Pass Cancellations
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Tomorrow, August 11, is the last day to opt for an annual pass refund. Here’s the information on how the refund will be calculated and how to cancel your pass.

Some Annual Passholders are opting to cancel their passes because they can’t or won’t return to the parks at this time. Disney has updated the frequently asked questions on the Annual Pass site to indicate how the refund will be calculated.

Email Went Out to Passholders

Disney sent an email to passholders about a week ago outlining their options for cancellations. Passholders should have received a personalized email for each individual pass on their account.

Disney reiterated in the email that the last day to choose cancellation is August 11, 2020. The link will work until 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday August 20.

If you are a passholder who wishes to cancel but did not receive the email link, you can call the passholder line at (407) 939-7277 and cancel by phone.

Refund Formula

The refund amount will vary for each passholder and is based on a variety of factors. These include whether it is a new pass or a renewal, activation date, refunds already received, down payment amount, etc.

The FAQ talks about the usable value of the annual pass. To recap their formula in simpler terms, follow these steps.

Step 1: Divide the price of your annual pass by 365. This is the “daily value.”

Step 2: Multiply that “daily value” by the number of calendar days the pass was active prior to Disney World’s closure period on March 16. This is the “usable value”.

Step 3: Subtract the “usable value” from the total amount you have paid for your pass. This will be your refund.


Example, a guest purchased and activated a Platinum Plus Annual Pass (no blockout dates) for $1200 on March 1, 2020. Divide the price by 365 days (the number of days the pass was supposed to be good for) $1200/365= $3.28 per day. this is the “daily value

Multiply the “daily value” by the number of days prior to March 16 that the pass could have been used. This is your “usable value”. In this example, your “usable value” is about $49 (3.28×15). Subtract the usable value from the total price of the pass (1200-49) and this will be your refund ($1,151).

You can read more here at the Disney Annual Passholder website. Don’t forget to check out our article on Chapek’s comments on Annual Passholders and the AP magnet Disney is mailing out!

Don’t forget to make your choice today or tomorrow. If you’re keeping your pass, you don’t need to do anything.

Are you keeping your annual pass? Let us know in the comments on Facebook and in our Facebook group.


  1. I can’t get to the math on this one. My husband bought a Gold pass w/DVC discount on 11/9/19 for $765. The refund he received was $229.06. 765/365=2.10. 2.10X141days=$295.52 765-295.52=$469.48 vs refund of $229.06 What am I missing???

    I renewed my DVC Gold pass on 1/8/20 for $650.71. I had 2 credits on my credit card, 1 for $195.23 on 7/16 (same day I cancelled – seemed quick because they told me not to expect refund until late Sept) and one for $309.74 on 9/29. If both of these are for my pass, it seems to come pretty close to what I’d expect. (650.71/365=1.78 1.78X68days=121.22 650.71-121.22=$529.49 vs refund of $504.97).

    • Hi! Thanks for reading. Bc a gold pass is not valid for 365 days, you’d have to subtract out the time that it is not valid for from 365. As I recall, a gold pass is blocked for winter break and spring break?

      So divide the 650 by the total days the pass is valid. My example was a platinum pass so 365 would be correct for that pass as there are no blackout dates.

      I should have done another example to clarify that!

  2. Before this blog came out, I was told by 3 different CMs that my refund would be calculated, not based on when it was activated (Feb 4, 2020) but by the new expiration date (July 9, 2021) from the opening date, after close (July 11, 2020) thus giving me a refund of all but 2 days worth of admittance. I knew that was too good to be true, so why I wanted them to give me the actual amount, which they wouldn’t do.

    • Hi Roseann thanks for reading! My understanding is that the formula doesn’t care about expiration date, or time after the reopening. It counts the pass as “used” for any time it was active before March 16. It subtracts that time out and refunds the rest. So, technically, no it doesn’t care about the expiration date. Hope that clarifies things.

  3. Can someone help with our calculation? We purchased Platinum passes in June of 2019 thru Sam’s Club for $923.53 each which was previous year pricing. However we didn’t activate the passes until Jan 25, 2020.

    How would Disney calculate our pass purchase price since purchased thru Sam’s is the question?

    • Hi josh thanks for reading! Phew it’s confusing but I believe your refund would be 923.53/365= 2.53 per day. subtract out the active days of the pass prior to March 16 (53)multiplied by 2.53 per day = $134.10 that’s the value that was used prior to the shut down.
      So, I’d expect 923.53-134.10 = 789.43 back

      Don’t hold me to it but that’s about what I’d expect it to be. :)

  4. I figured IF I cancelled I would receive about $777.52 back, but considering I am “planning” to go two more times, at least, before June of 2021 I’m hanging tight. I paid $951 and have gotten more than half of that value with one trip.

  5. Thanks! Not planning on canceling, but I will calculate for fun. And $3.28 a day sounds much better than $1,200 a year! I like that:) less than a Starbucks coffee!

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