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Status of Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover Changed

Status of Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover Changed

The popular Magic Kingdom attraction was supposed to reopen with the rest of the park on July 11. After weeks of not being in operation for Guests, the status of the ride has recently changed. What will become of PeopleMover?

Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover

Affectionately called PeopleMover by Guests and fans, this attraction takes you on a 10 minute ride through various parts of Tomorrowland.

This leisurely voyage through Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, and Star Traders also gives you breathtaking views of Cinderella Castle and other parts of Magic Kingdom.

Because the tram is elevated, this attraction offers a unique view that can’t be seen from anywhere else.

It is one of my favorite attractions in all of Magic Kingdom for this reason!

Status of TTA PeopleMover

PeopleMover was originally set to reopen with the rest of Magic Kingdom on July 11. I was at Magic Kingdom for the Annual Pass Preview Day, the official reopening, and two other days during my recent stay at Disney World.

Unfortunately, it did not run one time during any of the four days I was there. We at Kenny the Pirate have been keeping a close eye on this attraction by checking to see if wait times were available on Character Locator.

In fact, Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover has not run one time since July 11, and Disney has now changed the status of this attraction to reflect this.

Looking at this screenshot of the Disney World website below, you can see the status has now been changed to temporarily unavailable.

Additionally, there are no times available on the calendar.

PeopleMover was plagued with issues before the parks closed in March.

There was a possible fire or malfunction near PeopleMover back in January, and it also closed unexpectedly for several days in a row in early March.

Additionally, two of the trams collided into one another in Februrary.

Future of PeopleMover

It’s unclear if PeopleMover will undergo a refurbishment to fix some of these issues or if it will be permanently closed. I am very hopeful the issues will be fixed so I can enjoy this fun ride again!

What are your thoughts on PeopleMover? Do you think it will be refurbished or closed? Let us know on Facebook.


  1. Hugs, Elton. I used to work on the PeopleMover (1983 or so). I hope I was one of the cast members who had the pleasure of welcoming you two lovebirds aboard. :-)

  2. Awesome ride to get a break and get a relaxing ride with great views of the park inside places like Space Mountain. Sure hope they fix/refurbish and then reopen!

  3. My family loves TTA. When my son was little we rode it about 40 times in one trip! We gage how busy MK is by how busy Peoplemover is. I’ll be so sad if the ride closes.

  4. Please reopen this ride! It is a family friendly ride that everyone can go on. When my son and his friends were little they decided to call it the “top train”. It was like a train that ran on top of them. Even though it is really the Peoplemover it will always be the top train. It needs to be fixed and reopen! Please!!!

  5. Love the Peoplemover!! I’m sure it’s hard to keep sanitized fitting this time. Hoping it will be back when theming improve.

  6. The people mover is one of our favorites! It’s a “must do” ( along with the carousel of progress! I hope it’s not gone forever!

  7. I love the People Mover. It is so relaxing and simple that it’s brilliant. Disneyland closed theirs in the 90’s. Let’s hope the World’s version doesn’t suffer the same fate.

  8. I love people mover. First, my children wrote it with my husband and I. And he has since passed, and I have ridden it with my grandchildren. Please try to get it back First, my children wrote it with my husband and I. And he has since passed, and I have ridden it with my grandchildren. Please try to get it back

  9. Elton I am so sorry for your loss. I am glad you have happy memories that you and your wife made in Disney, so that you can cherish them.

  10. I love the people mover, my wife who passed away recently loves this ride. Everytime I ride it reminds me of her when rode it together on our honeymoon. Please fix it for us again. There a great beautiful tommorow,shining at the end of everyday.

  11. I have always enjoyed this ride. It is great for young and old and gives a brief relief to sore feet and heat. It also has great views. I know there is a want for fast and furious but I love some of the original staples this is for sure one of those. I have so enjoyed taking children and now grandchildren on this and hope to be able to do so in the future.

  12. It’s great that new things are being built but some “oldies but goodies” need to remain! This is a ride that both young and old who can’t do other rides can enjoy. And in the craziness of being at Disney, this is a relaxing ride. People Mover is definitely a MUST KEEP!

  13. Clearly this is a beloved attraction. It would be terrible if Disney did not open it back up. It’s not like they can reclaim the space for something else, like they tried in DL.

  14. Hopefully they will fix it and eventually get running again. This is something that anyone can ride as long as you can make it up the morning walk way. Disney please see how much this is loved and to not permanently close it!

  15. OMG…every member of our family LIVES the People Mover! It has been a family favorite for my entire life and I have now expanded this to my own child. 3 generations and counting for us. Please please let them fix this iconic classic Disney ride so many more generations can love it too!

  16. This is our favorite ride!! My son does it over and over. Please fix it Disney!! I will be sooo distraught if they dont get it up and running!

  17. I am REALLY hoping for a refurbishment!! The People Mover is one of our very favorite attractions!! We will be so sad if it never re-opens!! We even have tshirts displaying our love for it. Hopefully, it will be back running, soon!

  18. I love People Mover and hope that they are able to get it fixed! It’s one of my favorite rides because it offers a chance to take a break, cool off, look at some wonderful views and take some nice photos! I will be so upset if they close it permanently!

  19. this is one of my all-time favorites. allows me to see inside space mountain because i don’t go on roller coasters lol. i would be very upset if it didn’t resume.

  20. I would seriously cry if this closed. It’s one of our favorite rides ever. So many people love this ride, it’s a ride everyone can enjoy. I hope Disney realizes this is a ride that people will go crazy over if it shuts down permanently.

  21. I love People Mover! It is one of those rides for the whole family, there usually isn’t much of a wait, you can often catch a nice breeze and, as you said, there are great views, including inside Space Mountain!

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