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New Disney Vacation Club Offer for Current Members

New Disney Vacation Club Offer for Current Members

Yesterday we reported that Disney Vacation Club has a new offer for those wishing to become members. There’s also a new offer for current members wishing to add on to their existing membership! Read on for details.

The offer for existing members is similar to the one for new memberships. One key difference is the offer for existing members includes dollar amount savings for purchasing fewer than 150 points:

Existing members are more likely to add smaller contracts on to their purchases when compared to new members, since a studio villa starts at around 11 points per night.

The offer for existing members is also a better deal. The two examples I calculated for yesterday’s offer showed the range of discounts was 7.8 percent for the fewest amount of points purchased to 14.6 percent for purchases up to 500 points.

this is the chart for NEW Memberships being sold, for comparison purposes

The offer for existing members, according to the chart above and based on the current selling point of $195 per point, would range from 2.6% all the way to 20.1% savings!

So, if you’re an existing DVC member, this would be a good time to add on!

Personally, one thing that has kept me (Rebecca) from purchasing a Disney Vacation Club membership is that I feel the flexibility of booking resorts closer to travel time is virtually non-existent. We don’t tend to make plans 11 months in advance.

Special offerings at DVC Moonlight Magic at Magic Kingdom
only members who purchase directly from Disney are eligible for select offerings, like the Moonlight Magic events

However, with the coronavirus rearing its ugly head, availability is looking much better. Going off of confirmed reservations for rent on various DVC rental sites, it looks like there are a lot of people bailing on their 2020 and early 2021 vacations.

Kenny with his daughter at Aulani resort, a DVC resort in Hawaii

Of course, I know that’s temporary, but these offers are pretty tempting! I still think if I personally were to buy in, I would most likely purchase a resale Disney Vacation Club membership to get my feet wet and see how we like it.

Be sure to check out Heather’s article on what Disney Vacation Club is and Ashley’s article on renting Disney Vacation Club Points.

Thinking of buying your first Disney Vacation Club membership? Click here to see the details of the current offer for brand new members.

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Arline Gutowski

Thursday 25th of June 2020

Becoming a DVC member is the best thing we've ever done. We've been members since 1998, including 15 cruises, dozens of trips to disney with and without the grandkids, and even an adventures by disney. With 1700 points there is plenty to do! We started with 200 points and anytime we had extra cash, we bought more points. My husband had a harder time with the 11-7 booking windows, but miss a reservation once and you'll never miss one again! We love disney and we love DVC.

John Busto

Wednesday 24th of June 2020

Forget about the points and using's about getting to use the points the way you want for them to be used. The past 4 times my family and I wanted to use the points to use towards a Villa (at The Grand Californian in Disneyland), we have been relegated to use them towards a regular room at The Grand. We would follow the guidelines to book 7 months out from the time we want to be there to find out that "all of the Villas have been reserved". So where is the benefit of being a DVC member and wanting to stay at the place where you want? And mind you, one of the times we were supposedly staying at the Villa at The Grand Californian, the plans were changed (not by my wife or myself) for us to go to the Grand Floridian! Let's get thing right for us DVC members that have been with you for the past 12+ years!!!!


Wednesday 24th of June 2020

My husband and I rarely plan trips even 6 months out (and the one time I did - in March I decided to do the Wine and Dine 5K - is already turning out to be a disaster!) and as DVC members we’ve never had an issue planning a trip on shortish notice (2-4 months out). You just have to be a little flexible about where you stay. My husband and I like trying a new resort each trip, so it works for us.

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