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Official: NBA to Resume Season at Walt Disney World Resort

Official: NBA to Resume Season at Walt Disney World Resort
NBA Commissioner Adam Silver poses with Mickey Mouse credit: Disney

This afternoon the NBA Board of Governors held a conference call to vote on and discuss how the league will go about finishing the 2019-2020 season. Here’s what we know so far.

At 12:30 p.m., the conference call to approve the league’s plans for an abbreviated regular season and playoffs began. The League voted 29-1 in favor of approving the plan, with only the Portland Trailblazers voting against it.

adorable photo from ESPN

ESPN (which is also owned by Disney) is reporting that 22 teams will be invited to Orlando to resume play. 13 Western Conference teams and 8 Eastern Conference teams will play 8 regular season games before moving on to the NBA Finals.

Eastern Conference Standings when the league paused play on March 11, 2020. From NBA.com

The reason for the imbalance between Western and Eastern Conference representation is that the league is including teams that were within a few games of securing a spot in the top 8 of their conference. The regular season games will decide which 16 teams will ultimately compete in the playoff tournament.

Western Conference Top 8 When the league paused play in March from NBA.com

As for timing, the league is expected to resume regular season play on July 31, and the season will go no later than October 15, the date of the potential game 7 of the NBA finals.

Victor Oladipo of the Indiana Pacers started his career in Orlando

The 2020-2021 NBA Season will begin on December 25, 2020. It was not immediately clear where those games will take place.

The NBA Draft will now take place on August 25, 2020.

Details about the potential impact to guests of the Walt Disney World resort, including which resort(s) will host the players, should be coming out soon. We at Kenny the Pirate will keep you posted with all you need to know!

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