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Online Check-In Now Required for Resort Stays

Online Check-In Now Required for Resort Stays

Guests who have resort reservations for future stays will now skip the front desk.

With coronavirus changing much of our daily life, there is no doubt procedures around the Walt Disney World Resort will also change.

Once the parks reopen, we will see a modified experience. From possible mask wearing to virtual queues, there will definitely be some changes.

We have also shared what Universal Orlando is discussing as far as new precautions in their parks, and we can take a clue from theme parks in China as well.

The resorts themselves will also see some changes as well. There is no doubt there will be an even higher priority on sanitizing and cleaning. We will also see more social distancing between guests as well as guests and Cast Members.

Online Check-In

One such measure appears to be online check-in. Specifically, Disney will be requiring all guests to use the online check-in feature on My Disney Experience. Now guests will completely bypass the front desk for check in purposes.

Of course, it is probable the concierge service will still be available, and you can still probably head to the front desk if you are having issues with your room. This is simply a measure Disney is taking to ensure social distancing is implemented as much as possible.

Check out this tweet from Twitter user Furloughed Dragon. His stay at Pop Century in July will require online check in.

This may not be available for all room types. For example, I also have a stay at Pop Century that overlaps the above dates but do not have this option for online check in because my room was booked with the military rate.

Military discounts require guests to show ID at check-in so I will likely have to still go to the front desk upon arrival.

Do you have the same notification for your upcoming trip? Let us know what you see in your plans on My Disney Experience on Facebook.


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  1. Most people have already been doing the on-line check in,,,we try to keep things positive and Disney Appropriate on this site Sandy. I work directly in healthcare so I do know what I am talking about when I say what you see on TV is an exaggeration. I will be at no greater health risk after Covid-19 then I was before Covid-19…..I can’t wait for Disney to re-open so I can get back to the magic!

  2. It isn’t mandatory on any of my reservations. I have them in June, July, August, October, and December. Some with AP rate, General public rate and some rack rate. Not a one inform me that online check in is required. I always do it, have no issues doing it. Just haven’t gotten to it on any of my current reservations. So it may be rolling out. It isn’t out yet for all

  3. I also have a reservation at Pop Century 7/15-7/19/2020. Hope we all are there at that time. I was suppose to have just finished our trip yesterday.

  4. We have always used Online Check-in so that’s not an issue for us. I’m wondering about room requests… I typically make them, through the online check-in, but then I would stop at the front desk to confirm & we almost always wait for a room to be ready within a location that we had requested (otherwise, we would have been somewhere else).

  5. We were there in Feb (from UK) and although we did have to collect our bands at the desk we were able to open the door with our mobile phone, so this could definitely be implemented for UK guests.

  6. Normally UK arrivals have to go to desk to get magic bands as they don’t ship those to us. Maybe they’ll just put the bands in the rooms??


  8. I have used the online checkin the last two times I have been to Disney and always have a military room. I never have had to do a check-in in person.

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