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Disney’s Readiness to Reopen is “Ahead of the Curve”

Disney's Readiness to Reopen is

Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, praised Disney for being “ahead of the curve” on reopening. Watch his remarks below.

Disney is ahead of the game in most areas – technology, innovative ideas, business savviness. Other companies look to Disney for inspiration and guidance in running a business and creating a brand.

It’s not surprising Bob Iger joined the California Recovery Task Force. Most recently, Josh D’Amaro, the president of Walt Disney World Parks, joined Florida’s Recovery Task Force as well.

The Recovery Task Forces are brainstorming how to get the states back up and running after the health crisis of COVID-19.

Ron DeSantis, who is heading up the Florida Recovery Task Force, was interviewed on Fox News today on how he is working with the federal government.

“It’s amazing the ideas that the businesses are already thinking about. They’ve been thinking deeply about this for weeks and weeks… there’s a lot of great ideas that I’ve already seen put on the table. I’m in discussions with places like Disney. They are so far ahead of the curve, and I think everyone wants to make sure we do it safely.

Watch a clip of the interview below:

Safety is a key concern. He spoke about a false negative with hotels in Miami where they would open without proper health and safety precautions and cause another coronavirus outbreak.

Shanghai Disney has been taking precautions in China with QR codes that require a temperature reading and need to be scanned before entering somewhere.

We have seen similar remarks from Bob Iger about temperature readings being a possible safety precaution that is taken when the parks do reopen. You can read more from his interview HERE.

It’s unclear how exactly park procedures will be affected once they do reopen. As a reminder, they are currently closed and no reopening date has been announced.

We are keeping a close eye on the status of Disney parks around the world. We will be sure to update as needed. Share your thoughts with us on facebook.


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  1. Its seriously irresponsible and sad states are already opening up. We are gonna see a second wave folks and its gonna be bad. We need to stay home longer! Cases are still rising!

  2. When the safe at home orders end, those who do not feel comfortable going should stay home. For those who do, go and just use extra safety measures. Covid is now a part of our lives. It can be possibly kept at bay, but will never be completely eliminated. If the state and federal government, as well as Disney, believe it’s safe to resume life, people should be able to go without others judging and shaming them. Just saying…

  3. When they do open, They need to stop letting so many people into the parks. They are already so over crowded, people can’t even walk. It horrible. Not so many people.

  4. It has been reported that the thermal thermometers to take temperature readings that Iger refers to not available in the supply chain since parts are manufactured in China & the factories that make them were shut down for two months.

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