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Shanghai Disney Offers Limited Experiences With New Health Screenings for Resort Guests

Shanghai Disney Offers Limited Experiences With New Health Screenings for Resort Guests
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Disney is reworking what the Resorts will look like when they reopen. The newest announcement involved additional health requirements for entering Shanghai Disney Resorts. Read what this means below.

As we previously reported, Shanghai Disney Resort Park remains closed. Disney reports that it is closely monitoring China’s health and safety conditions. They are also closely following China’s government regulations.

What’s Open at Shanghai Disney Resort?

However, the Shanghai Disney Resort partially resumed operations on March 9, 2020 with a limited number of shopping, dining, and recreational experiences available in Disneytown, Wishing Star Park, and Shanghai Disneyland Hotel.

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Each of these resort locations operate under limited capacity and reduced hours of operation. The Disney Car and Coach Park and the Disneytown Parking Lot will also reopen.

Safety Measures

The Shanghai Disney Resort will provide an extensive range of measures, designed to ensure a safe and healthy experience for all guests, Cast Members, and Disneytown tenant employees. This includes strict and comprehensive approaches to sanitization, disinfection, and cleanliness.

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As of today, April 14, 2020, in addition to temperature screenings, guests will now have their Health QR codes scanned. Only those guests with a green QR code will be allowed entrance into the resort.

China is using a colored code system with all residents based on their temperatures and personal habits.

Photo: Disneyland Shanghai

Shanghai Disney Resorts Statement

Per shanghaidisneyresorts.com:

In accordance with relevant regulations, every guest entering Shanghai Disney Resort will be required to undergo temperature screening procedures and present their Shanghai QR Code. Only guests with a green Shanghai QR Code will be allowed to enter the resort. Guests must wear a mask during their entire visit (except when dining), and will also be reminded to maintain respectful social distances at all times while in stores, queues and restaurants.

What are your thoughts on this color-coded QR system? Do you think Disneyland and Disney World should implement health screens as Bob Iger has suggested before?

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  1. Mask and temperature really takes away the Magic. The heat would make the mask very difficult. Soo many people eat snacks while strolling while in the parks. We love doing that and how could you? Think of: ice cream, popcorn, cotton candy, drinks, food festivals, turkey legs, and the list goes on.

  2. I won’t go if I have to wear a mask in Florida heat. That’s a heat stroke waiting to happen. More cleaning and sanitizing throughout the parks is great! More purell pumps maybe at each ride. Temp screenings is great bc I know parents drag their sick kids into parks not thinking of others, but the mask is just too much and I am a nurse and wearing one for a 12 hour shift in a climate controlled hospital is just about more than I can handle.

  3. The temperature checks should be permanent but the limited experiences are temporary. That’s what have come to? Any ideas?

    • The best thing for us will be a vaccine. Although temp checks will help detour the spread of many viruses and bacteria

  4. The QR code is needed to go in any public space in China. They track your movement through gps. If you scan yellow or red, you are not allowed in.

  5. Disney should allow visitors to book their entry online every day before they hit the park to control the counts .

  6. I can not image that a QR is going to work in a country that doesn’t have enough tests to test people unless they are deathly ill.

  7. What ever keeps us safe I am for. I think the restrictions on the numbers of people allowed into parks has to be a part of the conversations. While walking in the park how are we going to keep a safe distance. I will be interested in seeing the answers.

  8. Holy Crow! What will the HOH patrons do? we can’t lip read through masks!!! I sure hope my visit doesn’t entail this restriction… how would I be able to talk to people (I don’t sign).

What do you think?

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