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A special message from KtP

A special message from KtP

Ahoy Crew! We are living in unprecedented times, not only in terms of our Disney parks experience, but in terms of how we experience our daily lives. We have been asked to shelter in place and try to mitigate the fast spreading coronavirus. My family and I are adhering to that request. Read on to continue with the great details of how we plan to help you.

My family and I are currently healthy. As we endure the closures that are affecting our daily lives and the ability to earn a living, we feel that we want you to know that we are making every effort to shift the focus of the blog for the time being.

How we will help you

Rather than focusing on providing park planning information to help you get the most out of your next park visit. We WILL have a next park visit. We will begin offering more information on Disney things that you can do from home. Ways that you can “Disney-fy your downtime” at home with your family.

Our writing team will begin offering more content surrounding things like how to make Disney treats at home, how to create fun theme nights, and many more great things you can do with your family to make the most of this otherwise negative downtime that we are all experiencing.

We have brainstormed a number of great ideas and we are re-focusing our efforts to help you make the best of this situation. I do encourage you to follow the CDC guidelines, yet turn the situation around for some quality family time. We WILL still keep you informed of any news as it relates to the Disney Corporation as well.

How you can help me as well

First, you can set KennythePirate.com as your homepage.

Take a few minutes each day and read each of our articles. This website and Character Locator are my primary source of income and you can help my family merely by reading articles on this blog. If you find an interesting advertisement, give it a visit as well. This small effort will help me, my family and my team of writers and cost you nothing.

Second, consider subscribing to or renewing your subscription to Character Locator.

We want to take some of the sting out of not being able to currently visit the parks by offering you a discount of 20% off your already low priced purchase of Character Locator. That means that you’ll get a subscription for only $8.79. Use the code PLANNING as you are registering or renewing. That provides you with detailed information for Disney World, Disneyland and Universal Orlando.

Even better, we are offering that subscription or renewal for 15 months. Usually, the subscription is valid for 12 months, but we want you to know that you’ll be able to use all the great planning tools on your next visit.

I will also offer you my personal NEXT VISIT GUARANTEE. if you are unable to visit Walt Disney World, Disneyland or Universal Orlando during those 15 months and you created or copied over some of my touring plans, we will re-activate your subscription for the week that you travel. Just create or copy a plan and input the date of your visit. If it doesn’t occur, I will help you to use those plans for a future visit.

I started this blog to help people make great memories with their families. My vision has not changed. You may not see as many articles with my own name on them recently, but rest assured that I’m involved in content creation and work with my friends, who are creating the quality content. We are able to create far more content, with different points of view than I did as a single writer. You will see more personally authored content from me as well.

Once we are given the all-clear and can return to the parks safely, you can be assured that I will still be in the parks testing things and learning new tricks to help you make the most of your days in the parks.

Stay safe, stay healthy and be blessed! Thank you for your support! Comment on my Facebook page to help others see the post or on my KtP Crew Facebook Group as well. Feel free to share the code PLANNING for the Character Locator discount with all your friends as well!


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  1. I understand you can’t be everywhere at once, but I miss the authenticity of your website, articles, reviews and posts. You brought us loyal fans into your home, let us feel connected and we trust you.
    All these “new” articles being published by other writers are informative but missing your genuine touch which fans want more of. I will remain loyal to your sight but it’s definitely changed. We miss you.

  2. Yes, the $10.99 price came up, but it wouldn’t take the planning code. I’m not sure if the code is expired or not?

  3. Renewed just now. Thanks for the opportunity. Hopefully everyone that follows you does so you can get an influx of money to keep things rolling. We have a trip June 4th and I’m concerned that we may need to rethink, but plan on giving this a few weeks to further develop.

  4. Kenny,
    Thank you and your crew for continuing to add content. I look forward to the KtP emails every day because they are mostly more positive than anything else I’m receiving in my inbox. They also help keep some Disney spirit going. I was supposed to be there in 5 days, but am trying not to think about it too much :(

  5. The “PLANNING” code is not giving me a discount. I still think the CL is worth it either way, but just want to let you know.

  6. This is Jim Corcovelos. I finally got on your site and looked through this. Very good idea! I came through Orlando Intl Airport a month ago and it was crazy busy as usual. I am back again yesterday and it’s a ghost town worthy of a rapture movie! Even the Hertz guy was bemoaning the fact he only rented 200 cars that night vs the usual 2800! Hope to see you guys someday soon. Jeremiah 29:11. – Jim Corcovelos.

  7. Wow! What a great offer! I will be renewing, immediately (even though I think I’m good for awhile ). Thank you Kenny & thank you Kenny’s family & Crew for keeping us all informed & up to date with accurate, helpful information. I also want to thank you for being a bright spot in a not so bright time. I’m happy to hear that your family is staying healthy. “This too shall pass”

    Stay healthy & positive, Crew! ❤️

    • I do live in Orlando. It’s the official request of the President of the United States for everyone to Shelter in Place. They call is social distancing.

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