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34 year old man dies of Coronavirus following Walt Disney World and Universal visit

Disney Offers Statement About Guest Who Died From Coronavirus

According to the website TMZ.com, a 34 year old California resident has died from Coronavirus only 2 weeks after visiting Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando.

The man’s name is Jeffrey Ghazarian, he was a resident of Glendora, CA. He passed away Thursday at a Pasadena, CA hospital after fighting for his life for 5 days. He had been placed on a ventilator, but lost his fight for life.

This is a summary of the timeline that occurred. He flew with his family to Orlando for work conference on March 2, 2020 and chose to stay longer for some personal vacation time with his family and friends.

According to TMZ, he developed a cough on March 7 and on March 8 he was coughing up blood. He returned to California via LAX airport on March 9. He was admitted to the ER with a high fever.

He was diagnosed with pneumonia and tested for Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and was told to return home. He was given antibiotics and told to intake fluids while he awaited his Covid-19 test results.

On March 14 he was carried by ambulance to a hospital and admitted to the Intensive Care Unit. His lungs were said to be 60-70% blocked by pneumonia. Doctors quickly moved to sedate and intubate him. He had tested positive for Covid-19.

Jeff passed away on March 19 while awaiting antiviral medications that he was awaiting.

It appears Jeffrey was an at-risk patient. He had a history of asthma and frequent bronchitis as a child, though he outgrew that. He also had beat testicular cancer back in 2016.


My friends, please take this Covid-19 seriously. It could be your life or the life of someone that you love that is affected by your decisions. Our family has chosen to shelter in place to avoid personal contact as much as possible.

Credit: TMZ.com


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  1. I have Bronchitis, Eczema, Thyroid, and Allergies but my doctors dont call me an at risk patient. This virus kills young and old. Please stay in your houses people! This is sooo serious! We can all vacation later!

  2. Lisa, just curious why it matters. He was also in Orlando for a work conference. Disney is just picking up this story bc the family mentioned they went there. I’d rather know where he stayed when he was there if we are going to discuss specific places…

    This is all so horrible on so many levels. Prayers for his family and friends that are now dealing with this grief during such an already awful time.

  3. The doctors should have kept him in the first place did to the fact he was high risk. Having had cancer and being asthmatic he was more susceptible to contacting the virus. This is outrageous and s lack of good health

  4. I would like to know which parks he visited, Disney World has 4 theme parks, 2 water parks and a downtown Disney food and shopping area. Even Universal Studios has Two theme parks and water park now.

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