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Rise of the Resistance Only has 46 Boarding Groups Today

Rise of the Resistance Only has 46 Boarding Groups Today

Rise of the Resistance only has 46 guaranteed boarding groups today, February 19. This is the lowest number we have seen in the two months the attraction has been open.

We all know 99% of the people visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios on any given day are only there for one thing: to ride the park’s newest attraction, Rise of the Resistance. This is the most technologically advanced and immersive attraction Disney Imagineers have ever created.

Boarding Groups

The only way guests can ride Rise of the Resistance is by obtaining a boarding pass to join the virtual queue. There are no FastPasses or even standby options yet, unlike Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run. This is the other attraction in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, and beginning today, it will offer FastPass+ service!

With thousands of people all after one thing, the process of obtaining a boarding pass is quite stressful. Kenny has put together a complete guide to obtaining a boarding pass, which can be found HERE. He details everything you need to know!

Regular boarding passes are snatched up within seconds of park opening, and backup boarding groups are gone within minutes.

Complete Guide to Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Boarding Groups

We have seen a trend over the last couple of weeks: Disney has been guaranteeing fewer and fewer boarding groups. When the attraction first opened, we saw boarding groups in the 100s. We have seen backup boarding groups in the 60s and 70s, but today it has hit an all-time low.

There are only 46 boarding groups today! Any group 47 and over is backup, and guests in a backup group are not guaranteed to ride.

At 10:30 a.m. they are loading groups 20 to 36. Hopefully, they will move through all guaranteed boarding groups today and will be able to board the backup groups.

Why are there fewer boarding groups?

It’s unclear why exactly Disney has been handing out fewer groups. We know that the ride has been notorious for breaking down, leaving guests unable to board for hours at a time. One day, the attraction did not even open for 7 hours!

They may be trying to avoid handing out too many complimentary park tickets or return FastPasses to guests who had guaranteed boarding groups but didn’t get to experience the attraction.

It could also be that they are reducing the number of boarding groups but increasing the number of guests in a group. It’s never been revealed just how many people are in a boarding group.

Whatever the reason is, the process has become even more stress-inducing for the thousands of guests trying to obtain a boarding pass. May the force be with you!

What’s been your experience obtaining a boarding pass for Rise of the Resistance? Share with us on facebook! We love to see reader reports!



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  1. I don’t think you can beat the system. I think it really is the luck of the draw (fast phone, fast fingers, whatever). You were also there on a weekday in January with a 7 am opening time, which probably helped. The crowds were likely lighter than they have been recently with 8 am opening time. Our experience in January was better than our February one.

  2. We were there on 2/20, did Uber to HS by 615. Line to turnstyles was relatively short and got into the park and down to Slinky Dog by 715. Opened app and started to refresh at 759 and got boarding group 54, 63 and above were backup groups. Rope dropped Slinky Dog and our group was called back at 1128. Got onto Smugglers Run just before park close with only 30 minute wait. I agree not knowing if you will be lucky enough to get a boarding group is stressful.

  3. My family and I were there on January 27. We took a Lyft to HS and got there by 6:20 for a 7:00 opening. We were in the park by 6:40. My wife kept refreshing the app as it got close to 7:00 and I kept my app closed and didn’t open it until 7:00. She was able to get boarding group 20 by refreshing right at 7:00. We rode Smuggler’s Run and then our group was called and we went to RotR. Unfortunately, my son got sick in the que for RotR (24 hr stomach bug) and we had to leave. They gave a fastpass for anytime on the next day.
    We came back two days later and did the same procedure. Lyft to the park. Arrive by 6:15. In the park by 6:30. This time I got a Boarding Group of 16 by waiting to open the app until 7:00. We rode SR and then went right to RotR. We didn’t have trouble either day getting a BG and riding. Did we beat the system or were we just lucky?

  4. I went in December. Took my son who has a medical issue and not knowing about the boarding groups (my fault). I tried to get him on. It’s physically impossible for him to get there early to get a pass They said hopefully next visit he can ride. It def was a bummer. He was excited for months

  5. We went to HS yesterday, Tues. Feb. 18 with a large school group. Arrived at 7am, entered the turnstiles around 720am. My group of 4 got boarding group 22 but another group with us got one 20 seconds later and it was backup group 94. Another one of our groups had an issue with one of the linked tickets and by the time they removed it from their boarding group, everything was gone. it was 801am. Group 22 was called around 1030am and group 94 was called around 5pm.

  6. we were there in January, had boarding group 72, breezed right through the line at around 2 pm with a 30 minute wait. This weekend we had group 80, called back around 6 and waited 1 &1/2 hours before getting on only to have the ride breakdown. Ridiculous. Either they are making the groups too big or they are continuing to have major issues causing regular delays so the lines back up. Very disappointing.

  7. I was there this morning, and got boarding passes for my husband and myself, 87. Notified at 3:23 that we were able to board. But, I was given a two-hour return window, and my husband only a one-hour window. We were in the same group. I had left the park at 1:00, anyway, so I cannot ask a CM why we are different. Not returning now either.

  8. I absolutely hate the boarding-group idea, but I’m not sure what might be better at this point. One thing that I wish they would do is go back to allowing the first guests to enter the park to have the first opportunity to snag a boarding group; if these guests made the effort to be there first, then it seems fair that they should be rewarded. With the lottery system, those who were in line first might not even get a boarding group, which really doesn’t seem fair to me. But I suppose they don’t want people camping out all night.

    We’ve got a trip coming up next month, and I am extremely stressed about the whole boarding group thing. I get stressed booking ADRs, then booking FastPasses, and just when I thought I could now relax and just enjoy my visit, they throw this at me.

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