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Margaritaville Cottages Available to Book Through Disney Travel Company

Margaritaville Cottages Available to Book Through Disney Travel Company
Margaritaville Resort's pool area will be accessible to guests credit: Margaritaville

Looking for a little more space on your next Disney vacation? Disney announced that guests can book rental cottages at the Margaritaville resort through Disney!

The cottages at Margaritaville range from 2 to 5 bedrooms and include daily housekeeping. Each cottage has a full kitchen, washer and dryer and are pet-friendly. Because the cottages are privately owned, amenities vary. Some include a private pool or spa.

Margaritaville is very close to Disney’s Animal Kingdom and the resort offers transportation to the Ticket and Transportation Center, where guests can use Disney transportation to access other parks.

Tip: walk to Disney’s Polynesian Resort from the TTC and access resort buses to Animal Kingdom, Hollywood or Disney Springs. Also consider taking Lyft or getting a rental car.

The Margaritaville resort has many amenities and restaurants within walking distance. Guests staying in the cottage can use the fitness center and pools but will not have access to Island H2O Live Water park without purchasing admission.

Photos from Margaritaville site

My son and husband are Passholders there, and my son loves the “internet” theme and many of the slides. I would have a pass, but the two times they went I was taking some rest time.

Based on his level of excitement about the park, I am sure I will be checking it out soon!

Both times they were there in August 2019 it was not well attended. The lifeguards remembered them by name.

Aerial view of Island H2O live from their website.

The cottages are well-appointed with Ethan Allen furniture and hardwood floors.

If you’re interested in booking through Disney, you must book by phone. Guests selecting this option will not receive onsite benefits such as Extra Magic Hours or 60-day FastPass booking. There are some offsite hotels that offer 60-day booking and Extra Magic Hours.

What do you think? Ready to bring the whole family (including pets!) to this resort? Or still planning to stay onsite for the perks?

-Rebecca W Davis

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  1. We stay on property due to my handicap and accessibility from those properties. On the night we arrive our first outing is to the monorail for a trip around. Why should someone no ‘on property’ not be able to enjoy the same? For the price of a ticket I feel that all advantages should be taken by anyone who buys a park ticket. There’s nothing to say that those who don’t agree with the policy of transportation being open to all aren’t more concerned with having to mingle with those smart enough not to spend a fortune on a place to stay. I cause a slowdown due to my wheelchair. I’m quite sure it annoys people because of the delay. It is beyond me how people can be so petty.

  2. Guests of Shades of Green are also told to walk to poly to use the bussing as SOG is not a disney property either. This is not abusing or skirting the “rules”, or lack there of. I frequent disney several times a year but stay with a relative in their home and we always use the buses/monorails/and last week we used the skyliner system. I was not a guest of any disney resort, however, I was a guest of Disney theme parks and therefore allowed to use the transportation system. Some people do not understand that the system is for everyone, whether you stay off site or on.

    As for my family, we stayed at AoA one year and bussed to ttc, then took monorail to poly for breakfast with Stitch. Since i paid way less to stay at AoA than guests paid at Poly, should I not be able to use these buses??? Common sense tells me EVERY disney guest is allowed.

  3. Just out of curiosity, why would you encourage OFF property guests to fill the busses of one of Disney’s most expensive resorts? People pay a premium to stay at Poly which includes the transportation, first priority of which should be given to guests paying to stay there. Why encourage off property guests to fill up an already busy and sometimes full bus system, simply so they can save a few bucks or minutes?

    • Hi Theresa thanks for reading! Actually, the Disney transportation system is for all guests of the Walt Disney World resort. It is not a perk for onsite guests only. As for why I would recommend they walk to Polynesian from the TTC to access those other buses, that would be beacause to my knowledge buses to the other parks are not available from TTC. The price per night of the Polynesian is irrelevant, the buses are for all guests. That and I’ve never been on a full bus at the Polynesian, deluxe resorts hold fewer guests than their moderate and value counterparts.

      • I suspect it is not irrelevant to those paying 500+ a night at the Poly. If off-property guests arrive at the Poly at 8AM to hop the buses and resort monorails thus forcing on property guests to wait extra time in the mornings or at park closing, I suspect they would not find that irrelevant. So you teach people how to manipulate the system and that is great for them, perhaps. Not so great for those paying for the deluxe resort to have to wait for the buses if everyone decides to game the system. But Disney usually figures things out. If it becomes a problem, they will fix it, same as they fixed the issue of people parking at DS for free, then taking a bus to another park. Or those who used to park for free at BW/BC and walk through the International Gateway. As for Poly buses being full or not, isn’t that as irrelevant as the price? Either it is or isn’t okay to skirt the intended system. Do you really believe Disney intends for off property guests to use the Polynesian bus system that way to avoid paying to park at other parks in the morning? Somehow I doubt it.

      • As she stated, the bus system is available to anyone. It is not an onsite perk. Anyone can take a bus, monorail, or boat anywhere they like. No one is attempting to “manipulate” anything. She did not tell anyone to park anywhere for free. Yes, Disney intends for any guest to use transportation.

What do you think?

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