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How to use Resort Airline Check-In to Return to MCO

How to use Resort Airline Check-In to Return to MCO
Photo Credit: KtP Writer Heather Alosa

Your vacation has come to an end, and it is time to return home. Did you know that with some airlines you can check your luggage at your Disney Resort Hotel?

If you are staying at a Disney Resort Hotel you can check your luggage at the hotel. The Airline Check-In desk is open from 5am-12pm. You must check-in and check your bags here at least three hours prior to your flight.

How it works

With this service, you do not have to be taking the Magical Express back to the airport unlike the luggage service for when you arrive.  You can check your bags at the counter and then take your preferred mode of transportation back to MCO.

This service is only available if you are flying out of Orlando International Airport.

The process of checking your bags at this desk does not take long. Most times when we arrive at the desk, there is little to no line. The Cast Members here are always helpful and make this process go smoothly.

One thing to double check prior to checking your bags here would be to make sure your flight is on time and not delayed or canceled. I have always had them ask me, but it is a good idea to check yourself.

If there was a chance of your flight being canceled due to weather, I would recommend leaving your bags with bell services for the day and checking them yourself at the airport instead.

Participating Airlines

This service is only provided by certain airlines. The airlines that participate are

  • DELTA (U.S. domestic flights only)

This is a service my family uses every time we travel to Walt Disney World. It lets us continue throughout our final day without worrying about checking bags once we arrive at the airport. When we arrive at the airport, we can just grab a bite to eat and relax before our flight home.

Have you used the Airline Check-In at the hotels? Have you found them helpful? Let me know by commenting below!

-Heather Alosa


  1. Absolutely We fly Southwest & this service is such a convenience!! We check out bags in the morning & enjoy the parks for the rest of the day (until we have to head to the airport). I highly recommend this service to everyone who has the opportunity to utilize it!

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