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4 Unique Ideas for Collecting Character Autographs

4 Unique Ideas for Collecting Character Autographs

Are you looking for a creative way to gather character autographs at the parks besides an autograph book and pen?   Here are a few ideas that are a bit more on the creative side.

Character meet and greets at the parks are so much fun for kids and adults alike.  And it’s always great to be able to preserve the memory of that meet and greet by having the characters sign something you can take home with you and cherish for years to come. 

Here are a few creative ideas for getting those signatures.

1. Autograph Books

I know you are saying, “that’s not all that unique,” but what I mean is choosing books that you and/or your children enjoy reading at home and have the characters sign those.

I have personally done this with my daughter over the years and have found it is such a great ice breaker with the characters.   And it’s such a great memory to look back on over the years as you are pulling those books off the bookshelf to read again and again.

Photo from Amazon.com

You can also find character encyclopedias and have characters sign their pages, like the one above!

2. Christmas ornaments

It doesn’t matter if your trip is around Christmas or not, you can easily grab a bunch of plastic or wood ornaments either during Christmas time or even better after Christmas when they are even cheaper, then bring them along for the characters to sign.

Then when Christmas rolls around you have ornaments that hold some very magical moments hanging from your tree.

3. T-shirts, Hats, or Bags

What better way to remember your trip than having the characters sign something you can wear?  However, if you decide to do this, just make sure the shirt is not being worn by yourself or your child as the characters will not sign an item you are wearing.  I would even bring along a piece of cardboard to place inside the shirt to avoid bleed-through.

4. Pillowcase

This idea is great because it is pretty easy to carry around and have the characters sign the pillowcase with markers.  Then when it’s time to head home you’ll have a cozy place to have some sweet Disney dreams.  Use the cardboard tip above.

KtP Note.  Some folks love bringing along white photo frames.  One thing that I did once was to use a Stormtrooper bank for Star Wars autographs back when we had Star Wars Weekends.  Try something fun that your kids would enjoy, but consider how you have to transport it for 10 straight hours in a hot theme park!

Or if you prefer the tried and true autograph book for characters to sign instead, you could switch it up by choosing a plain notebook and decorating it with Disney stickers and quotes.   This way it’s a book that is unique to yourself or your child.

Really the sky’s the limit and you could have them sign anything, within reason, that you want to carry around the parks with you.

Don’t forget that your BEST resource for character information, tips, schedules, and locations is Character Locator!

What is your favorite way to collect character autographs at the parks? Share them with us on KtP’s facebook page!

Tara Duarte


  1. We did the photo album with a memo area beside the photo. We will put the picture of my grandchildren with each character next to the signature. (We just returned, so no pictures yet)

  2. Aside from the regular autograph books and photo mats that we’ve taken to get signed, I’ve had a few other little things I’ve gotten signed as well. I purchased a wooden cut-out of the castle on Etsy. It was raw wood so I spray-painted it light blue, then had it signed by all of the characters on that trip. It was full of signatures! I also purchased a wood cut-out of Stitch that I spray-painted. He and Lilo signed it at the Ohana breakfast. Both wood pieces turned out really cute.
    I got a mini cast iron frying pan that I had Rapunzel and Flynn sign. I bought my daughter a solid white plush Celebration Mickey Mouse (came from Japan) that she had signed by all of the characters.
    For our next trip, I’m looking for different items but so far I’ve only purchased a large iridescent salad fork (or dinglehopper!) for Ariel to sign. We aren’t going until January 2021 so I still have a little time to come up with ideas and continue look for things.

  3. Our last trip we purchased plain white backpacks for our kids and had the Characters sign with fabric markers. When we got home I used a fabric protector spray to coat. They use them all the time now!

  4. I did this too, the characters seem so pleased to see the pictures and especially at other parks, cruise line and in speciality outfits (like Mexican dress when cruise line visits Mexico)

  5. We like to make photo books of characters we met on past trips (usually one character per page although it may be several photos) and have characters sign by their picture.

  6. I bought the Disney character encyclopedia and have the characters sign their page in their signature color. It has been so much fun collecting as many as I can. I also had Mickey sign the LIFE magazine where he is on the cover for his 90th birthday.

  7. My granddaughter brought a Stitch baseball cap and got the characters at Ohana to sign it. Then had another plain white cap to get Mickey and others to sign that. Btw. She has a huge hat collection!

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