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KennythePirate.com is now a TEAM effort

KennythePirate is now a TEAM effort

As I was in the hospital learning about the health issues I needed to tackle, I realized that everything that occurs within my business was only me.  If I wasn’t available to create articles, write reviews or tips, then nothing happens.  So, I thought it would be fun to re-boot my efforts and create a team.  Beginning today, we will have a team effort!

Last month I asked on my KennythePirate Crew Facebook Group if anyone would like to share their heart for all things Disney on my blog.  I expected maybe 5 or 6 responses at most from my paragraph post.  Well, over 25 responded!  I asked them to send me some writing samples and reviewed them with my new Editor Brian.  After approving them, educating them and getting them login credentials, we are ready to launch this new effort.

It’s exciting because there will be a number of voices sharing a wide variety of content including their tips and reviews.  Some are interested in collectibles, some enjoy cruising, some love to plan their trips to the parks, some will share what it’s like to tour the parks with special needs family members and much more.

This effort will not be done as ghost writers, they will not pretend to be me. Each writer will sign their post at the bottom of the page.  I WILL still continue to blog, write my own reviews and news.  I will actually be blogging more than I have in quite a while.   I’ve gotten my health concerns in order and I’m doing better than ever, so I’ll dedicate more time to keeping you informed.  I plan to share more content about what’s occurring inside the parks as well.

The writing crew will assist by contributing a cornucopia of content.  Some of the content may be interesting to you, some may not, but by serving enough flavors, you’re sure to stay engaged and informed.

Each writer is looking forward to sharing their thoughts, tips and advice and would love your input on making their content even better.  I’m hoping that by doing this as a Crew, you’ll receive all the tips, reviews and news that you desire to help you plan the best vacations possible!

Welcome to a new TEAM era for KennythePirate.com!


  1. So sorry to hear you were in the hospital and glad you are feeling better. I will be praying for you and your team. Our family are big Disney fans and love reading your reviews. So glad that we will be seeing more of Kenny The Pirate.

  2. Wow, Kenny, that’s amazing news that you have even more voices helping with the crew work. I’m glad you’re out of danger, and I’m glad that you know that we always have your back. Your work is appreciated more than you may ever realize – THANK YOU for the app and your work, we (especially me) really appreciate it so very much! <3

  3. So sorry you were laid up in the hospital… I’ll say some prayers for you! That’s a great picture at the top of this article, too. Which one is you? Sorry, couldn’t resist.
    I’d love to help but I’m not on Facebook.

  4. So very glad you’re doing well with your health and have the wisdom and humility to realize you can’t do everything by yourself. I’m looking forward to continuing to use & support Character Locator, refer all my friends, and read all the information and education you and the new crew provide. Thanks, Kenny!

  5. What a good idea! More voices will definitely add richness to the site. You do a great job, but there are just too many options, types of Disney experiences and vacation philosophies for one person to possibly provide. Plus, ones health and well being are nothing to mess with. Take care of yourself! Good luck and I’m looking forward to the new content!

  6. Love it. I think this makes sense for your mental health and ability to keep producing the highest quality content. No matter how much you love doing something, it will become a grind every now and then.

    Kudos for the wisdom and strength to change. Awesome job getting your health issues sorted quickly.

  7. Teamwork makes the dream work! Good for you getting your health in order. I’m on my own health journey myself. Best wishes always and thank you for always helping us Disney fans out!

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