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Keto Disney: Blaze Pizza

Keto Disney Blaze Pizza

If you’ve followed my social media this summer, you’d be aware that I was diagnosed with diabetes.  As a result, I spent a month getting my health in order and trying to make better eating decisions.  In doing that research, I found that a Keto eating lifestyle would benefit me by lowering my blood sugar and losing weight.  Since late July I’ve lost over 20 pounds and I’m free of blood sugar medicines.  So, when I’m in the parks, I’m always looking for quality food options.  Here’s my thoughts on the Blaze Pizza Keto Crust.

Before I begin, I am not a dietitian or a physician, so I am using Keto as a guideline and it’s working for me.  It seemed strange to consume more fat and less carbs and lose weight while not being hungry, but it’s working well for me.  I do balance my diet with healthy vegetable choices as well.

Pizza is one of those things that I LOVE.  I could eat pizza everyday and be a happy camper.  Since changing to a lower carb lifestyle, I’ve found it difficult to find Keto friendly pizzas that didn’t taste horrible.   Usually the crust is off-putting and the toppings are lower quality.

When I went to place my order with the Disney Springs Blaze Pizza creator, she expected me to get the traditional thin crust, but I requested the Keto crust.  The Keto crust costs an additional $3, but it was only 6 net carbs and I didn’t eat the whole pizza.

The Pizza Prep

They remove the crust from a storage area and it appears like a pre-cooked disc that one could use to play frisbee.  After placing it on the pizza prep surface, she asked what sauce I’d like and passed it off to the cheeser.  I love cheese, so I’ve eaten a decent amount of natural cheese lately.

The pizza was then passed down the line for other ingredients.  I opted for extra Pepperoni, Sausage and Bacon.  But Kenny, isn’t that bad for your choleterol?  Well, after only 2 weeks of my eating change my cholesterol had dropped significantly as well as my  A1C.  I return to the Doctor next month for my next round of blood work, so I’ll keep you updated.

Note that it took a couple minutes longer to cook the Blaze Keto Pizza than my friend’s traditional thin crust.

How did Blaze Keto Pizza taste?

The crust always seems to be very bland.  It hasn’t mattered where I found a Keto crust, it just doesn’t have much flavor.  The texture is different than a traditional crust and a bit more dry.  It wasn’t crunchy, but it wasn’t hard to bite or chew either.

Because Blaze uses quality ingredients, the toppings bail out the crust.  The crust just became an acceptable delivery device to receive all that melty, cheesy goodness.  I would order it again when I’m in Disney Springs, but it isn’t going to please a traditional pizza fan who loves a good New York style dough.

I am grateful that a major company has decided to accept Keto eating as a lifestyle adjustment instead of a “diet.”  It’s not my intention to lose weight, then gain it back and be worse off than I started.  I had to change my mindset to make the adjustments work for me.

Disney has a done a great job creating vegetarian and vegan options, but it’s still pretty much up to the customer to form their own Keto options in the parks.  It usually involves ordering something with no bun, no fries etc…. Those options could save you money though!  I’ll have more reports in coming days and weeks.

My numbers before:

  • Blood sugar:  344
  • A1C:  11.1
  • Weight: 212.8

My numbers now

  • Blood sugar: 96
  • A1C (measured after only 2 weeks): 9.7   It will be much lower on next check up as it measures over 2-3 months.
  • Weight: 191.2

I hope you enjoy my new series on Keto Disney and hope it inspires you to improve your life as well!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.  KtP



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