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Hollywood Studios Disney After Hours Review

Hollywood Studios Disney After Hours Review

Recently, my daughter and I paid to attend the Disney After Hours option for Disney’s Hollywood Studios to determine, “Is it worth it?”  For an offering that costs $125 per person , it seemed that we’d need to do a great deal to get our money’s worth.  Here’s the details about Hollywood Studios Disney After Hours and how our night went.

Disney After Hours is $125 per person and allows for 3 hours of park time after all the day guests have left and you’re allowed to enter a couple of hours early.  In our case, we entered at 6:00pm for an 8:00pm park closing and the program technically ran from 8:30pm to 11:30pm, so we received an extra 30 minutes of park time.  Annual Passholders do receive a discount on advance purchases.

What’s open for Hollywood Studios Disney After Hours?


  1. Alien Swirlin Saucers
  2. Rock n Roller Coaster
  3. Slinky Dog Dash
  4. Star Tours
  5. Tower of Terror
  6. Toy Story Mania

Character Meets

  1. BB-8
  2. Buzz Lightyear
  3. Chewbacca
  4. Jessie & Woody
  5. Kylo Ren
  6. Mickey & Minnie
  7. Olaf

Complimentary Snacks

  1. Ice Cream Novelties
  2. Popcorn
  3. Soda or Bottled Water

Initial thoughts on what’s offered

We loved that we could mix in the meet and greets with the rides and every popcorn and ice cream stand was open throughout the event to all you to enjoy as many ice cream novelties, sodas and popcorn scoops as your heart delights.

There was a good variety of meet and greets, but we wished that the new Edna Mode, as well as Mike & Sulley meets were open.  That would have allowed us to avoid waiting in long lines.  My daughter opted to skip those meets and come back on  a day visit to see them in the morning.  You can find their schedules on Character Locator for ease of planning.

There’s only 6 rides in Hollywood Studios at this time.  If they add Star Wars Land in the future, then it would be an even more terrific and more in-demand event.  It was not sold out.  The crowds were considerable on our visit as it was during MLK break period, but those crowds were gone by 8:30pm and had no affect on our visit.

What we accomplished.

6:15pm  After we checked on the Edna Mode and Monsters Inc meets, my daughter decided that she wanted to meet Vampirina.  She met her at breakfast on her first day, but wanted to see her at her meet location.  The lighting made for a great photo with no flash.

Hollywood Studios Disney After Hours Review

The check-in location to recieve your armband is located at the corner of Hollywood and Sunset.  It only takes a moment for them to scan your MagicBand and give you the wristband.  Hollywood Studios Disney After Hours Review

The little paper guide also tells you what takes place during the paid event, but the full list is above.Hollywood Studios Disney After Hours Review

6:40-7:00pm We walked right into the Voyage of the Little Mermaid and plopped down on the front row.  We’ve never seen this show from the front row.  You could easily discern the puppeteers at work during the show from this vantage point, so it’s not ideal for the kiddos, but you can take some cool photos from up close.
Hollywood Studios Disney After Hours Review

We grabbed a Fastpass to view Fantasmic! and wanted decent seats, so we went into the show around 7:00pm for an 8:00pm start.  @Spokesmayne on Twitter was looking for a seat a bit later and we squeezed him in while he was doing a live feed on Youtube.  Super nice guy.

I wish they would upgrade this show.  It’s fun, but it’s basically be the same show since we began visiting many years ago.  The Disneyland version really puts ours to shame.  I do like the Pocahontas portion of the show, as that is unique.
Hollywood Studios Disney After Hours Review

8:40-8:55pm  The event has now officially begun and the entrance at Tower of Terror was full of confusion as left over day guest think they can enter the ride, but they don’t have the event wristband and are turned away.  We only waited a couple of minutes for our elevator to arrive.
Hollywood Studios Disney After Hours Review

Would someone please put the Evltwrurdoomd back?Hollywood Studios Disney After Hours Review

8:57-9:05pm If you like Rock n Roller Coaster, you could have spent 3 hours riding this over and over and over with no wait.  We weren’t even forced to watch the pre-show.  We only waited one round of trains to board.Hollywood Studios Disney After Hours Review

After riding, we grabbed a Mickey Premium Bar and soda and made our way toward Star Tours.

9:11-9:29pm Star Tours.  We only waited for the standard loading spiel as there was no one in the line.
Hollywood Studios Disney After Hours Review
Hollywood Studios Disney After Hours Review

9:31-9:38pm meet Minnie and Mickey.  There was only one family in front of us to meet this great pair of characters.  Minnie wears her pink dress.

Hollywood Studios Disney After Hours Review

And Mickey is in his sorcerer’s apprentice costume.Hollywood Studios Disney After Hours Review

9:39-9:42pm.  We walked right up to meet Olaf with no wait!Hollywood Studios Disney After Hours Review

9:49-9:52pm  We continued our casual walking pace while enjoying some bottled water.  When we arrived at the Chewbacca meet, we found this horrible view.  The place was so packed that we could barely move.
Hollywood Studios Disney After Hours Review

Chewie is a hugger, but he could rip your arm off, if you cross him.Hollywood Studios Disney After Hours Review

9:53-9:59pm  Another terrible zero minute wait for Kylo Ren.
Hollywood Studios Disney After Hours Review

Kylo didn’t really care for our choice of poses.Hollywood Studios Disney After Hours Review

He did join us after we got ourselves in line.  He has issues with people being happy and always wants to hack on walls with his light saber.Hollywood Studios Disney After Hours Review

9:57-9:59pm  Another ZERO minute wait to meet BB-8.  He beeped and booped and bopped.  I think he was saying hello or he was constipated or something.  It’s hard to distinguish.Hollywood Studios Disney After Hours Review

9:59-10:10pm We grabbed some soda and popcorn and made our way over to meet Buzz Lightyear.  There was NO ONE in line to meet him.  To infinity and beyond!

Hollywood Studios Disney After Hours Review

10:11-10:26pm.  The posted wait was 10 minutes, but we actually walked right up to the loading area.  It was like a 2 or 3 car load wait.

Hollywood Studios Disney After Hours Review

Not my best score, but I’ll take it as we were having fun together.

Hollywood Studios Disney After Hours Review

10:29-10:45pm We arrive right at the time they were going to check on the other toys, so the wait was about 8 minutes longer that it could have been for these guys.
Hollywood Studios Disney After Hours Review

10:46-10:51pm  Alien Swirling Saucers.  There was no one in the line, so we were allowed to use the Fastpass queue to board more quickly.  If we wanted the regular line, they would have allowed it.Hollywood Studios Disney After Hours Review

From 11:05pm to 11:30pm we rode Slinky Dog Dash 4 times!  The wait was very minimal and we barely made it for the final ride of the night.

Hollywood Studios Disney After Hours ReviewHollywood Studios Disney After Hours Review

So, to recap, we rode all 6 rides and Slinky dog an extra 3 times.  That’s 9 total rides.  We met 10 different characters, watched Voyage of the Little Mermaid and watched Fantasmic using this event ticket.  Additionally, we had our fill of ice cream, popcorn, soda and water.  The Cast Members were actually letting guests know late in the event that they could grab a soda to go.

Was it worth it?  I think so!  I could use one day ticket to do all the shows and characters that are not available on a different day and then buy this Disney After Hours for Hollywood Studios and do everything with no stress and no waits.  I actually preferred this event to the Early Morning Magic event that I’ve visited previously.  I you to use the Disney After Hours and enjoy the park with little or no waiting!

Hollywood Studios Disney After Hours Review

Hollywood Studios Disney Early Morning Magic Review


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  1. Okay we are going to be heading to Hollywood Studios the last week of September and we are not staying on Disney property do you think there is any chance of them extending Disney after hours. If not what do you recommend.

  2. I am at the after hours event now, June 14,2019. Little wait for Tower of Terror and Rock N’ Roller Coaster. However, Slinky Dog Dash was a 40 minute wait and Toy Story Mania was a 30 minute wait. Not worth it to me. I will never do it again.

  3. How do you think the crowds at this after hours will be for spring break time (specifically the last two dates this is happening in April)?

  4. Hi Kenny! We are heading back to Disneyworld in August and I really want to take advantage of this event but it is now March and Disney has yet to extend this beyond April. In your experience do you think they will continue to offer it and if so how long do you think we will have to wait to book Disney After Dark for August as I want to do this at Animal Kingdom as well.

      • I went to one of the June After Hours Events last summer and they released the dates for it on May 1st.
        My strategy for this summer is that I’m booking our trip around the same dates it was offered last June and just hoping it lines up with one of our days. Because if you look at Kenny’s crowd calendar from 2018 the After Hours dates for say February were very similar to Feb 2019 dates.
        So again I’m just remaining hopeful the same trend follows through the summer for planning purposes.
        : )

  5. Sounds awesome but even if we dropped 2 park days and did this one and MK it would cost my family of 5 over 1000.00 extra to do this! My daughter is graduating in May and sadly this will be our last trip in a long time. The price of a Disney trip has more than doubled from our first family trip in 2010. They are pushing the middle class out, sadly.

  6. Has anyone had any recent experience with after hours at MK or AK? I’m thinking of adding one of these in addition to HS AH this coming trip. Wondering how people’s experiences were with them.

  7. Me and my girlfriend are going to be in Orlando a weekend and she’s never been to Epcot so got a ticket to go there for the day. After finding out about the after hours at Hollywood studios, we decided to get tickets to that so we can get two parks in one day. We plan on catching illuminations at 9 and then walking to Hollywood Studios. Guessing that means we get there around 9:40ish. Do you think that’s enough time to get everything done (don’t really care about character meeting) or is that too ambitious? Happy to hear your thoughts!

  8. So Kenny, when we visit from Australia we are kind of on limited Disney time because I want to do more in Florida, and hubby cut holiday down from 6 weeks to 4 weeks (which is OK, because he said it means we can probably come back a year later instead of 2-3 years later). Our family is mainly ride focused, so in your opinion (because I value it), do you think a good option for us would be less park days and add in the extra evening hours at the parks that offer it? Not really an extra cost as we would just purchase less park tickets. I am totally looking forward to exploring & eating in the resorts as well so less park days might be good. What do you think? I get long line anxiety too!!!

  9. Thanks for the info. I have my ticket for March 2. Nobody else in my group wanted to go with me. Shame about Edna and Sulley though.

  10. They added the photo on Slinky! Last time I was there we didnt get a photo. Fun! Thanks for the review. I am looking forward to the DVC party at HS! I hope it goes similarly.

    • It’s sort of a beta testing thing I think. They don’t “promise” a photo yet because it’s not always working. On my last I guess the system got confused and gave us every in the ride at the time.

  11. Will you please change lives with me, Kenny?

    I love the life you must live being able to make a living from your obvious love of Disney, in all its forms.

    I need to move down there and start my own blog

    • I started my blog like 8 years ago. Moved here on faith. Quit my job a couple years ago on faith. Requires lots of hard work and time to make any money from a blog

    • I was gonna say it’s a lot of hard work, not just Mickey bars and Dole Whips; but Kenny beat me to it. Thanks, Kenny, for doing most of the ground work for my Feb/March trip.
      Sadly but also happily when I go back in Aug/Sept I’ll be at 3 of the first MNSSHPs or 2019, and I have to {{{horrors}}} actually think tor myself, if Kenny’s not attended and posted yet.

  12. Do you think these after hours events will be offered in the fall? I’d much prefer a quieter after-hours Hollywood Studios event over a crowded MNSHHP!
    Also wanted to say that I find it heartwarming that you and your daughter have so much fun attending these events together. What fun memories you are making!!

  13. Hi Kenny,

    Do you think they will extend this beyond April 13th (currently the last event date)? If so, when do the new dates typically open up?

    Thank you!

  14. Ok so as you always do you make us think. My fiancée read this to me in our way home today. So I was “inspired”(jungle cruise reference) to go home and pull up DisneyLand Fantastic and compare. Although I do understand the theory of keeping differences between the parks. I do have to agree that Disneyland’s show is way better than Disney Wolrds. There is so much of ours that they could change and do with the size of the amphitheater at Hollywood Studios that would make it epic!! That is for all you do Kenny!! Keep up the good work it is greatly appreciated!!!

  15. We are bringing our grandchildren this March and booked the HS after hours. They are 4,6,8yrs old and are looking forward to a great time. It will be the first time they see Toy Story Land

  16. Kenny do you know if they offer dairy free desserts at the party? Or is just the Mickey bars they hand out? We hope to attend in July if they release more dates!

  17. Yes it was awesome and worth it. We had the morning one scheduled but dropped it when this came out. We probably just missed you and your daughter on slinky, we road him 6 times total, alien and Toy Story Mania both twice, Tower 3 times and Rocken’ Roller Coaster once. We hit that after a riding Tower, after meeting you when you were on your way to star tours. We had to wait in line,at that time, back in the preshow area but it was probably 10-15 mins that we waited. We absolutely loved it. We got in early as well, don’t remember when but we meet Olaf, actually he wanted to meet us, he was so funny, best interaction of our trip, Minnie and Mickey before the park closed. It was worth the money. Highly recommend it!! I agree, the after hours are worth it. We did both HS and MK on our trip.

  18. Anxiously awaiting summer After Hours Event dates so I can plan and book my trip around them!! These After Hour Events are so perfect for our family! Gets the grandma and young kids out of the sun and I don’t have to deal with squirmy kids waiting in long lines. : )

  19. Were you able to enter at 6:00 because you are pass holders? If you didn’t have a daily ticket, what time could you enter? And are you able to make FPP like with a MVMCP ticket?

    • We are going tonight with just a ticket for the after hours event. I linked those tickets in my Disney experience app and I was able to make a FastPass for 6:50 and 7:50.

  20. Dodo do you need a regular park ticket to get in as well or does it work the same as the Halloween party and is your admission into the park?

  21. Thanks for the review-I have been hoping for someone to go meet some characters at this! Looks like it went perfectly for you both!
    We are going in March with a newbie and she is a SW freak, so we will be hitting Chewie and Kylo.
    (Love taking newbies to my fav place!) :)

  22. Looks like you & your daughter had a great time. Sorry, but I can barely afford the regular park admissions much less this one. ; (

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