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Disney World introduces a $12,000 one-day VIP tour

Disney World introduces a $12,000 one-day VIP tour

Would you reserve a tour that costs $12,000 for a single day?  What if that tour included just about anything you want to do, including a Cinderella Castle Suite tour?

Disney has just begun offering a new V.I.P. tour that is called the “World of Dreams” tour.  This is the most expensive single tour Disney World has ever offered.  The cost is $12,000 for a single day and $10,000 for additional days.  The tour can last up to 12 hours and you’re assigned two Disney tour guides.

The tour is fully customizable, but it can include things like:  Cinderella Castle, Exclusive nighttime spectacular views, 3 meals of your choice at any Disney restaurant with no reservations required,  back gate access to any attraction and backstage transportation between parks.

Anyone ready for a $12,000 Disney World tour?

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  1. While I can see this probably being one of the greatest experiences that any true Disney fan can ever imagine, I personally could not imagine shelling out $12k for a 1 day experience. Maybe one day I will become a millionaire. Then, it might make sense.

  2. Could you zip line as Tinkerbell in the Fireworks show? Guest star as Vader in Jedi Training? I’d be really creative with my requests to see what was possible.

  3. The tour is for up to 6 people, so honestly $2,000 a piece, meals included, it’s not a TERRIBLE deal if you can all agree on what you want to do!

  4. It’s for up to 6 people on Disney site. So does that means $2,000 per person? “The tour costs $12,000 for up to six guests and is 12 hours long.”

  5. I’d love to know the number of people that could go for the $12,000 as well. Not that I have 12K either but I can dream!

  6. Hi Kenny! This tour is for the truly stupid not the truly rich. The truly wealthy don’t waste their money on stupid things like this. That’s why they are rich! Just look at the modest lifestyle of people like Warren Buffet…

  7. For $12k you don’t get to sleep in the castle? Not that I have 12k laying around…or that I’d choose to spend it like this if I did…but for the very wealthy who don’t have to think twice, $$ has its privileges.

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