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Be Our Guest Restaurant now serving alcohol with Breakfast and Lunch

Be Our Guest Restaurant now serving alcohol with Breakfast and Lunch

In 2012 Be Our Guest broke the long standing tradition of no alcohol served in the Magic Kingdom.  The alcohol service was limited to Table Service Dinner only.  Now alcohol will be served during Counter Service Breakfast and Lunch.

For breakfast, guests can now imbibe upon Mimosas, Peach Bellinis, Sangria and Schoffenhofer Pink Grapefruit Hefeweizen for $10.00 each.

During lunch those same drinks are served, plus the following:  Kronenbourg 1664 , Stella Artois, Charles de Fere Cuvee Jean-Louis Black de Blancs Brut, Dr. Loosen Dr. L Riesling, Cambria Katherine’s Vineyard Chardonay, Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais-Villages and Simi Cabernet Sauvignon.

Disney Parks also recently announced that alcohol would be served in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland, which will break that park from its long-standing tradition of no alcohol sales in Disneyland Park.

What do you thing of the changes?



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  1. Alcohol shouldn’t be welcome at a theme park which caters to kids. I’m sorry, I don’t drink and I teach my kids not to. There is a time and place for people who want to do that. Go to the clubs or bars after going to the parks. Disney is not the place. Maybe they need to bring back Pleasure Island for those people that want to do that.

    • Absolutely! Always remember that Walt himself prided himself in an alcool free Disney! Contrary to present management, profits were not everything!

  2. I agree with Ben! Walt did not want it like this, if you need to drink then go to a bar or Epcot. It is crazy how people have to act. I like my drinks as well, but not when I am there to enjoy time with my kids and family. Walt I hope you can put an end to this, before it goes horribly wrong.

  3. It’s a quick service…. people are going to have ONE drink most likely! The dining plan comes with one drink. I don’t see many adults getting all drunk and rowdy from one glass of wine or beer…..

  4. Hi Kenny! WOW! Getting drunk at breakfast! What a great idea! The kids will really enjoy seeing their parents start to get drunk in the morning! Who the hell drinks alcool for breakfast except drunks… Unfortunately, Disney’s goal is obviously to turn the other three parks into an Epcot drunk paradise! When does Disney start selling weed?!?

    • I cant believe the people that think having a mimosa with brunch or a beer with lunch equates to being a drunk, “needing alcohol to deal with a kid” or having a problem. Some people honestly just enjoy wine or beer. If you dont want it, dont drink it. Its that simple. I dont like soda and Disney serves the worst ice tea in the world so having another option is great. I think people who NEED their coffee or Coke for a caffeine fix to get through the day have their own problem, but you dont see me complaining that it is served.

      • In all fairness to people having opinions, Coke and Coffee don’t affect your behavior like alcohol can. That doesn’t mean that all people who drink, do so to get drunk. However, drunkeness in some parks is very evident, especially on weekends.

      • Walt is probably rolling over in his grave. These parks are meant for kids and kids a heart. I feel if you need a drink to deal with your kids, then maybe you are not dealing with your kids to begin with.

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