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Peter Pan’s Flight and Tomorrowland Speedway to close for refurbishment in 2019

Peter Pan's Flight and Tomorrowland Speedway to close for refurbishment in 2019


It’s been expected that Tomorrowland Speedway will close due to construction for TRON, but the Peter Pan’s Flight refurbishment was not previously announced.  Here’s the details:

Peter Pan’s Flight in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World will close from January 7 to February 1, 2019.   It is currently scheduled to reopen on February 2, 2019.

Tomorrowland Speedway will be closed for an extended time of at least several months beginning January 2, 2019.  This will allow the construction for Tron to extend over the railway.  Disney has announced that the Walt Disney World Railroad will close in December for a very long time, but that date has not yet been set.

Each listing has been updated in Character Locator to assist you with planning.

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  1. Kenny, Peter Pan is listed as closed on some, but not all, of the After Hours dates that occur during the refurb period. Do you think this is an error or typo? It is listed as closed again on the EMM that occurs the very next morning.

  2. At the risk of being slammed, I would be thrilled to see the Tomorrowland Speedway not reopen. Time for a ride that actually fits the theme…and doesn’t make you desperate for fresh air when the fumes hit you on the TTA.

    • I’d like to say yes, but things can change and get extended. Riverboat was supposed to be down a few months and it has become almost a year. We just wait and see

      • I am working on Peter Pan Refurb. We are working very hard on 3 shifts to open on time, Feb 2. The ride track is being replaced and the sets and characters are getting cleaned and repainted.

  3. Do you think the ride line up for Early Morning Magic will revert back to the previous line up after Peter Pan re-opens in February?

  4. I read that the MK railroad is also closing for Tron. Everything I’ve read says in December 2018, but no specific date. Do you know when exactly it will be down? We’re there the first week in December. Thanks!

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