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Snow White, Evil Queen and Dwarfs to offer Character Dining Experience

Reservations now open for Snow White's Storybook Dining at Artist Point

Fans have clamored for an opportunity to meet villains at Disney World.  It’s the most often asked question in my KennythePirate Crew on Facebook.  Well, the Evil Queen will soon begin offering a character dining experience with Snow White and some Dwarfs.  Here’s the details:

Beginning this Winter, Artist Point at the Wilderness Lodge will offer “Storybook Dining.”   You’ll enter the enchanted forest and enjoy a tasty meal that will included character encounters by Snow White, Evil Queen Grimhilde, Dopey and Grumpy.  Your fairytale dream or nightmare, will come true with this all-new meal!

The Queen from 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs'

This will be a themed prix fixe menu that will include shared appetizers, a choice of plated entrees and “sweet spells” desserts to finish your meal.

Additional details about the actual menu, pricing and dates are sure to be released very soon.


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  1. Hi Kenny! Do you know if this is dinner only? (Or lunch too?)
    Any idea when they’ll release dates/open up booking?
    We’re visiting first week of December, so I’ll have to be quick to get a table.
    As always, thanks for the wonderful information! (On a side note, I booked DAH foe our trip immediately after reading your post – I’m so excited)

  2. Can’t wait to see more information! I’d strongly consider cancelling one of our other meals and adding this for our upcoming January trip.

  3. This sounds amazing! I’m so bummed we cannot get back to Disney until 2020. I’ll be sure and add this to our plans if it’s still available!

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