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Mickey’s Backyard BBQ closing later this year

Mickey's Backyard BBQ closing later this year

As Disney World continues to expand its Disney Vacation Club resorts, the beloved Mickey’s Backyard BBQ will close later this year.

The final Mickey’s Backyard BBQ will be offered on December 31, 2018.  The space will be removed, along with the former River Country area, to allow for expansion for another Disney Vacation Club resort offering.

Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue will continue to be offered.  As reported on WDWMagic.com, It’s thought that Disney World will reinstate the Backyard BBQ at some point in the future.  Plans have not been revealed officially by Disney at this time.

If the resort takes on a look similar to the Grand Canyon North Rim resort, it would have a positive appeal.  If it takes on a giant tower, like most DVC resorts, I think most fans of Fort Wilderness will pan the resort.

What do you think of these potential plans?


  1. DVC again what about the everyday people that mad Disney what it is today . They need to start remodeling the camp ground pool area there are so many people swimming there it’s unsafe .

  2. I just hope it doesn’t take away from the beauty of the campground. Also they need to start thinking about another park or expanding the parks. Three hour waits for rides, smaller rides with at least 30 minute waits, and crowds so thick you can barely walk. Sitting at non reservation restaurants are ridiculously hard to come by and reservations are nearly impossible unless you book months in advance. Yet they keep building more hotels which means more people. Soon Christmas day won’t be the only day they have to close the park midday due to crowds. I love Disney but they are adding to a problem that they have yet to address. Crowds.

    • Only way to eliminate crowds is to make it much more expensive. They are adding Star Wars Land, Tron, Ratatouille, Guardians of the Galaxy, Mickey Runaway Railway, but that just means new stuff to have those high waits. If you know how to tour, you won’t wait.

  3. I’ve been trying to figure this out forever why I can’t book any of my clients there for 2019… I even called Disney and asked and they didn’t know… thanks Kenny the pirate for being on it…. now please excuse me while I go cry for the next week. RIP best restaurant experience at Disney World!

  4. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! We just tried to book for May 2019 and found this out. So so disappointed. My kids truly loved this show.

  5. We just went on 10/12/18. LOVED it. I wont to the Doopdy do review. So sad. My 4 year old was glued to the rope ticker..lol and loved dancing with the characters. He only ate one hot dog, BUT dances the night away. I hope they bring in back by Oct. 2019

  6. There is always something that we look forward to doing/characters we look forward to meeting that POOF! go away shortly after we book a trip. Past examples include Marie at MK, Moana at HS, and now this—the primary reason we wanted to stay at Fort for the first time. I am laughing at the irony, but actually really sad that we will never experience the BBQ.

  7. Well we have been going to Fort Wilderness since 2003 several times a year .. have seen multiple changes many not for the good .. parks getting way too crowded .. it’s losing the Disney feel .. I think it’s time to find other vacation areas … we never in all those years taking our RV to fort wilderness received any discounts always pay full price even for meal plan ,,,, everyone else gets discounts etc .. foreigners make out better then US citizens .. I’m done !!!

  8. So sad that they are losing so much of the “being in another world” feel. I know they have acres upon acres that are undeveloped but that is the charm of it. Not a fan.

  9. I really hope they will not be able to just walk over to the Fort it will take away the deal of the camp grounds. Also hope you won’t be able to see it either. The fort is the best spot at Disney Due to the feel of it being separated from everything and in the woods I hope they have thought about this as they will loose a ton of people who visit the fort.

  10. What is the Grand Canyon North Rim resort? And not all DVC are a tall tower- see OKW or Saratoga or Polynesian or even Copper Creek at Wilderness Lodge. Given Disney’s history I think the new resort will blend in to its wooded surroundings.

  11. If I read this correctly they will be adding another resort right? Honestly they have to many hotels, What they need to be looking at is another park area.

  12. I think Disney’s doing a fine job of blending DVC into each resort’s existing theme and design, so we’re going to love what ever comes next.

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