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Imagineers release Toy Story Land video and Cast Member thoughts on Slinky Dog Dash

Imagineers release Toy Story Land video and Cast Member thoughts on Slinky Dog Dash

Disney Imagineers just released another teaser video that reveals a few of the details of the upcoming Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios.  Here’s the video and I’ll provide some commentary on Slinky Dog Dash after the video:

Slinky Dog Dash:

I’ve had several Cast Member friends ride Slinky Dog Dash during Cast Member Previews recently.  Here are some of their reactions to the new ride.

  • It’s a lot more fun than it appears from ground level.
  • Most of the regular queue is in the blazing Florida sun.  Some have recommended bringing an umbrella, if you plan to use this really long line.  Of course, you read this blog and subscribe to Character Locator, so you probably won’t be standing in line for 3 hours, right?
  • They got the details right.  The feeling of the land is fun and whimsical and does make you feel like you’ve been shrunk to the size of a toy.
  • Lines of sight are difficult.  Because there are so many trees and bushes in the land, it is difficult to take in all the details.
  • Slinky Dog talks!  When you are setting out from the initial station, you’ll find that Slinky speaks to you.  There are no onboard speakers, but you can still hear him.
  • Wheezy is awesome.  My friends said that encountering Wheezy at the end of the ride is a real highlight.
  • Seating is exactly the same as Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.  It has the same confining seat area and the same type of restraint.  The ride does not go upside down, but it does have a couple of steep banked turns and camel backs, so the individual restraints will do well to hold your little one into the cars.
  • It loads and unloads exactly the same way as 7DMT.  It has a load and unload station that are separated.
  • The ride takes around 2 minutes.  From the time my friends were seated until the ride completely stopped, it took them 2 minutes.
  • The ride will stop briefly.  There is a brief stop then the coaster goes backward for a few feet.  This is to give the effect that Slinky is retracting to give him spring for the 2nd half of the ride.
  • There are no restrooms in the queue.  There is one water fountain as you enter the show building.
  • My friends said the time it took once they entered the actual show building was about 30-35 minutes.
  • They only had 2 trains running.  It may be possible that the ride could accommodate 3 trains, but only 2 were running during testing, which would lead to a VERY long wait.
  • The Fastpass entrance isn’t very long.  It avoids most of the details of the queue and is very brief.  I could see this line stretching outside the land when the ride goes down for weather and returns to operation.
  • You can see into Star Wars Land.  For a brief moment, you can easily view the Star Wars Land construction.

If you can’t get Fastpass for Slinky Dog Dash at the 60+ day mark, you’ll want to count on arriving early to the park and Dashing to the ride at rope drop or plan to ride near park closing.


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  1. During testing they did have all three cars running. And the cue line mostly takes place under cover. From the point where you start the line under cover is 30 minutes. So pretty quick load and unload.

    • My friends visited recently and only two trains were running. Most of the queue is well before you get under cover.

  2. Kenny – getting close (well 17 days) to my FPP date – my HS day is 60+5, my AK day is 60+6. on both days I need to leave the parks around 1pm.
    I know that you recommend starting with the furthest out day for FPP, would you still recommend that with the new TSL & SDD, or should I try for SDD first for my +5 day then do AK FPPs?
    I am going to RD both days & HS is an 8am EMH.

  3. I saw Midwy Games… Surely this won’t be another Dinoland? Either way, I’ll definitely visit! I’m just hoping the rumors of it appearing to look cheap aren’t true…

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