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Disney Dining Plan Cost 2019

Disney Dining Plan Cost 2019

Along with the 2019 Disney World Resort Packages, Disney has released the cost of the 2019 Disney World Dining Plans.  Adult packages have not seen a change, but the child package prices did increase slightly.  Here’s the details.


Adult – per night
Child – per night
(children are 3-9 years old in Disney prices)
Quick Service Dining Plan

  • 2 quick-service meals
  • 2 snacks
  • 1 refillable mug
$52.50 $23.78
Regular Dining Plan

  • 1 table-service meal
  • 1 quick-service meal
  • 2 snacks
  • 1 refillable mug
$75.49 $27.98
Deluxe Dining Plan

  • 3 meals (any combination)
  • 2 snacks
  • 1 refillable mug
$116.25 $43.49


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  1. My siblings and I (all over 21) use the quick service plan for the EPCOT Food and Wine Festival kiosks. You can usually get 1 item as a “snack” credit or 3 items as a “quick service meal”. We usually eat a quick service breakfast, but do not eat lunch or dinner because we are grazing our way around the world. In this context, it is cost effective — especially now that it includes alcohol.

  2. I always buy the regular dining plan, only haven’t been for a couple of years. Is the quick serve still open to be any meal despite if off a childs or adult plan?

  3. The past few times I’ve gone to Disney I’ve used the regular dining plan and though it was well worth it. I’m going in June 2019 and I’m trying the Deluxe dining plan. I like the fact that I can schedule all my meals and it’s totally worth it for the buffets and California Grill. If I went with my kids again then I think I would use just the Quick service seeing as how my kids don’t eat that much and having a sit down meal is too time consuming when all they want to do is go on rides.

  4. We went as 4 adults.all over 21. 2 drinkers, 2 non. Had regular plan. Well worth it. Included all taxes but not tips. They were really hood about using meal and drink credits for higher priced beveraged, and only charging for sodas. Also many would swap apps and desserts as well. If you are doing character meals, the plan is def the way to go. , but only you know how your group eats. Loved the snack credits in the parks. Having it all paid for, is the best part. You don’t have to worry about budgets and card limits etc while on vacation. We had issues with our card company “forgetting” we were on vacation, and while we of course had other payment options, try fixing that in the park! Especislly if it you are not the primary on the account, snd he is in a different park… yes it happens.

  5. If your utilizing the character buffets for lunch or dinner I feel the meal plan price is worth it. At $50 an adult person for most of the buffets, 15-20 for a counter service, your 2 snacks, and the refillable mug for resort use not to mention the HOURS of wait time saved on getting autographs and pictures, and a cool place to relax out of the heat—it’s not a bad deal.
    If your not doing sit down character meals I don’t think its worth the price.
    Child prices for a character buffet for lunch or dinner run 25-30 so it’s definitely worth the price and even our picky eaters found something on the buffet they liked!
    Breakfast buffets are cheaper so if you need any “extra” meals the plan won’t cover ( you’re there 6 days but only 5″nights” of meals) pay for counter service or breakfast buffets.

    • Be careful! Generally when you get a free dining plan, you’re paying full rack rate for your room in a package deal. I learned this the hard way. Remember, in Vegas the house always wins. In your own words, do the math. Perhaps you got a sweet deal, I don’t know but I do know Disney is smart about “deals” – I honestly can’t blame them, they’re in business to make a buck.

  6. Hi Kenny! We used the quick service dining plan when it was “free” last year. It was worth it. At over 52$ per adult it’s not. Anyone that just does the math will immediately see this. You will lose money with the plan. Your better off buying a Disney gift card and using it solely for your food and drink purchases. Keep up the good work!

    • They don’t usually differentiate b/w kids and adults with quick service, so if you have several kids on the plan but only get adult meals it still makes sense.

  7. I noticed this as well on the WDW website but it’s still unclear to me from your answer.. your information is correct or the WDW information is correct? One snack credit or two on the standard plan?

  8. The WDW resort website says the regular dining plan only includes ONE snack. Is this a confirmed change from last year? I was just on the website pricing our stay and noticed this.

    • This information is correct. It’s been two snacks for a while. They don’t automatically give dessert with Counter Service now

  9. We don’t drink alcohol. We really wish Disney would have a plan and a price for those of us that don’t drink.

  10. I wish they had a slot for kids after 9 but before 12. A ten year old typically won’t eat that much more than a 9 year old but the regular plan is $47/day more. OUCH The mouse will get his!

    • I agree! We just had a child turn 10 that eats very little and prefers the children’s menu options. It would be great to see a tween price or “big kid” meals & pricing.

  11. It went up $10.50 a night for our family from 2018 to 2019. I expected some change but that was more than they did in the past.

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