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Epcot Character Spot Fastpass+ is moving to Tier ONE


The Epcot Character Spot Fastpass+ option is moving to a Tier ONE option.

Beginning June 11, 2018, the Epcot Character Spot Fastpass+ option will move from a Tier TWO option, to a Tier ONE option.

That means it will now join Frozen Ever After, Illuminations, Soarin’ and Test Track.  At Epcot you are allowed to pre-book (1) Tier ONE and (2) Tier TWO options.  You aren’t allowed to receive another Tier ONE Fastpass+ until you use all three or they expire.

The Epcot Character Spot Fastpass+ option allows you to wait in a shorter line to meet Mickey, Goofy and Minnie.  It does NOT affect the meets for Joy & Sadness or Baymax as those do not offer Fastpass.

If you already booked Epcot Character Spot Fastpass+ as a Tier TWO Fastpass+, it will still be honored as such.

Be sure to check out my Fastpass Priority guides on the RIDES tabs on www.characterlocator.com


  1. Makes me wonder if I need fastpasses at all in Epcot. Rope drop Frozen, then ride Soarin’ or vice versa.

    Makes me sad because at least this was one good tier 2 fastpass. Wont wait in a long line for char spot.

  2. Other than either Soarin or Test Track, and mission Space in tier 2, there is nothing else that I want to waste a FP on at Epcot. Ropedrop is the only option, leaving after 2 hours max, except for the afternoons that I want to spend in the World Showcase.

  3. I think this is b*** and that it all should stay the same…… because of it changing, I’m not ever gonna wanna do my fast passes at Epcot anymore. Thanks Disney

  4. Another reason not to waste a day of FPs at Epcot. Rope drop and ride a couple of rides and either take monorail to Mk or boat to DHS and use FPs there starting around noon.

  5. I think they’d do better making a FP+ for Joy and Sadness and Baymax in Tier two to give more “valuable” options there to chose from.

  6. Wow – this is crazy – there is pretty much nothing on tier 2 that you would want/need. I can see a lot of early morning FP’s being booked for figment to burn LOL

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