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Hollywood Studios Friendship boats to undergo refurbishment

Hollywood Studios Friendship boats to undergo refurbishment

Friendship boats are a transportation service between Hollywood Studios, Epcot resorts and Epcot.  The Friendship boats will not run to Hollywood Studios for a period of time.

Due to work that will occur on the Swan and Dolphin bridge, the Friendship Boat service will not be offered for Hollywood Studios beginning May 7, 2018 for an undetermined length of time about 6 weeks.  The bridge will remain open for foot traffic.

Guests at the Yacht and Beach Club, Boardwalk Resort and Swan and Dolphin will be encouraged to use a Disney resort bus that will be provided or use the walking path from the resort to Hollywood Studios.

The Friendship boats will continue to operate from the various resorts to Epcot only.


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  1. We just did this on Wednesday from EPCOT to DHS. I asked a CM by the dock and he said walking from EPCOT to HS is 30 minutes and taking the boat is 35 minutes.

  2. This one adds to our doubts that we will go again before summer. (We have annual passes and can’t go summers, weekends). Our favorite way to get to Epcot from our hotel (usually Pop Century or an All-Star resort) is to take the hotel bus to H. Studios then boat to Epcot. Coming back in the evening we do the same thing. It’s an absolute hike from World Showcase to the resort buses, especially at the end of a long day.

  3. Wish they would give an end date. We have plans to transfer between Epcot and HS several days, and if we have to walk it then we might need to change those plans and FP.

  4. I think they should have a back up boat, as people choose resorts based on ease of transportation. With any luck it will just be out a few days.

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