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Contemporary Resort to offer Pixar character evening kids camp!

Contemporary Resort to offer Pixar character evening kids camp!

Recently, Disney World confirmed that its traditional kids camps would be closing, but did not offer a solution for evening child care.  Today, I’ve learned that the Contemporary Resort will offer a special Pixar themed child care experience coming soon.  Here are the details!

Beginning April 13, 2018, Disney’s Contemporary Resort will offer a new evening childcare experience complete with Pixar character fun.  Children ages 4-12 will be offered the opportunity to experience a true round-up time with Woody and Jessie and find their inner superhero with the Incredibles!

First, the kids will experience Space Ranger Training where kids will battle Star Command enemies.  Then, Woody and Jessie will teach them the ways of the Wild West with Woody’s Roundup.  Next they will build a race car and race it in the Piston Cup Challenge on the Radiator Springs racetrack.  Finally, Mr. and Mrs. Incredible will teach them some superhero dance moves.

The night will include a variety of fun and games, dinner as well as a dessert!  The doors will open at 5pm nightly and the program will be offered from 6:00pm to 10:30pm for a cost of $65.00 per child (plus tax.)  All children MUST be potty trained.

More details on bookings should be coming very soon!  What do you think of this new child care option?


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  1. I am SO HAPPY with this option! My last child will be 4 in 2 years so I hope they continue this! It is very pricey, but since it is filled with all those characters, I can make an argument to pay it.

  2. I just signed my son up for this for a night in May. I’m bummed that adults are not allowed to stay because I would love to get pictures and videos of this fun time. The only question that was not answered for me at time of booking was, they weren’t sure if Photopass Photographers were going to be there or not.

  3. This is my thought exactly. Also, my kids love Lilo’s because it’s different every time. This sounds like it will be the same activities every time.

  4. The event was announced in several places in the last 24 hours. Highly doubtful that it doesn’t exist. More likely the phone CMs are not informed about the event…like so many other things.

  5. It seems strange that they are closing all of the childcare spots, but then open this one. Sounds like it will be fun, but I’m confused about the strategy.

  6. I just called The Contemporary front desk AND recreation, both stated this is not true. There is not a planned evening kids camp in the Contemporary. :(

  7. One of the things my daughter talks about most from
    Our trip last year is the evening she went to kilos play house so she would love this

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