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UP! A Great Bird Adventure will Offer Fastpass+

UP! A Great Bird Adventure will Offer Fastpass+

The new bird show featuring Russell and Dug from UP! that is taking the place of Flights of Wonder in Asia will offer Fastpass+!

The official listing on the Walt Disney World website and My Disney Experience lists the show as opening April 22, 2018, but Fastpass+ doesn’t show as being an option until May 6, 2018.  Additionally, when I checked the website for the show schedule, the schedule doesn’t appear until May 6, 2018 as well.

UP! A Great Bird Adventure showtimes will be at 10:30am, 12:00pm, 1:30pm, 3:30pm and 5:00pm.  I’ve added all the details to Character Locator, so you can easily add it to your plans.  Hopefully, we’ll have more information that confirms the actual opening date soon.

On a side note, the official name of the show was shortened.  Originally the show was to be named Explorers Meet UP! A Great Bird Adventure.  It appears that the “Explorers Meet” part was dropped.  I prefer the new name.


  1. Hi Kenny, our trip ends 4/21. Any chance this show soft opens a little early? BTW really appreciate all your material. You have surpassed easywdw as our new “go to” site, especially with the effort to maintain a monthly crowd calendar and park day recommendations, despite Disney shifting ride capacity and making this very difficult. I don’t know if I’m happy or bummed that MK/AK park hours were not extended to daily 8am openings for our 4/15-4/21 trip. Does this mean Disney does not expect a high crowd week? One final question. I hear rider swap passes have been changed to same day only use which would change our set touring plan. Is this true?

    • Shows generally don’t open early, but it is possible.
      Additional park hour extensions are always possible, but WDW runs a tight budget now.
      Rider switch are same day return at most attractions now.

  2. Hi Kenny! just signed back up..planning a new trip! I have tons of catch up reading to do! I thought of this idea on our last trip, with the tour guide guy it kinda made sense to me that they use a Disney character and Russell is perfect!! it’s nice to have a fresh show to go to

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