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Walt Disney World Guest records shocking video of monorail running with doors open

Walt Disney World Guest records shocking video of monorail running with doors open

The Walt Disney World monorail has been experiencing many issues in recent months.  One monorail dropped a piece of equipment near the Magic Kingdom parking area a few months back, now this shocking video shows monorail red running with the doors open!

Click on the image below to start the video.

Nervous giggling ensues as they near the Epcot station:

I think those guests were a more than a bit afraid when they noticed the doors were open while the vehicle was in operation.  There’s no way of knowing from the video if the doors opened after they left the station.  It does seem that it is time for a major monorail upgrade at Walt Disney World though.


  1. I’ve noticed that odor inside the monorail for years. We joked that the elephants were sleeping in the monorail at night. Well about 6 months ago I was working in a metals manufacturing shop and the machines with compressed air hydraulic systems had the exact smell. I think it’s the hydraulic door systems on the monorail.

  2. I too, have noticed the last few times I’ve been to Disney that the monorail was filthy and very smelly. You would think with the money that Disney makes they would keep their transportation in better shape.
    And, usually the monorail is packed and someone standing could easily have fallen out.

  3. It was freezing cold in Disney that day and I think FL cannot operate in such temperatures. They should consider closing the state next time LOL.

  4. I believe that if that is the case. You should tell a cast member or go to guest services and let them know. I believe that like everything in time it may need to be worked on. But then people will still complaint cause then they have no monorail and don’t want to take the ferry. I was there that day and the hopper using the monorail and people were really upset cause they only could use the ferry.

  5. If everyone was just complaining you are just part of the problem, if you see something that needs attention better report it to Disney employees so they can do something about and solve the problem instead of making fun of it and just laughing about it that is not even funny at all. This kind of situation is very risky and life-threatening to begin with and should be treated seriously.

  6. I agree the monorail lines are way over due for a major over haul. I was there in Dec the AC was not working well, there was water pouring out of one of them. They are dirty and smell like a barn.

  7. For the most part I believe Disney’s safety record as above and beyond all the rest however it is a machine and it does break as long as you have a tight grip on your children and lookout for others nothing should happen during this ride when the right ends you should have made your way to a Disney cast member and explain the situation which I’m sure many of you have so that they might be able to take that car out of service

  8. The Air conditioner does not work good anymore. I was so hot in it for about 15 minutes.I was there In March and Dec and it was the same

  9. I was on that same monorail and before we left the station the doors opened and close a couple of times but that one door never closed. First time in almost 50 years I have seen this happen. These monorails breakdown all the time they are way overdue for replacement!!

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