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Stitch’s Great Escape closing in favor of a new attraction

Stitch's Great Escape closing in favor of a new attraction

The Stitch’s Great Escape attraction in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom will close permanently after this final seasonal opening.

The attraction will open from December 23, 2017 through January 6, 2018, then close forever.  Disney has not officially confirmed the permanent closure, but it is expected to occur very soon.  Disney is expected to announce a new attraction for the space.

The outer lobby area has been used as a meet and greet space for Stitch for a few months.  Stitch will move back to his former location near Space Mountain during Christmas break.  No word on the future of his meet and greet beyond early January 2018.

Many online prognosticators have felt that the attraction will be replaced by one themed to the Wreck-it Ralph movie franchise which is set to release a new movie March 2018.  Many guests despised the chili dog burp in your face attraction, but my son loved the attraction as a child.  He was a huge Stitch fan.

What are your thoughts on this upcoming closure?


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  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Stitch I’m your biggest fan ever. I rode that ride every time we went to Disney world. Hope it will come back.☹️

  2. No girl I am Stich’s number one fan because I have 27 stuffed animals and 18 shirts and 6 jackets also 4 “14” inch stuffed animals

    • no im number 1 because i have 48 stuffed animals 42 shirts and 3 pairs of shoes 2 jackets and a wallet a purse 16 cups with them on it and a 30ft stuffed stich

  3. I’ve always loved Stitch’s Great Escape, as I’ve always been a big fan of Lilo and Stitch. I’m sad to see the ride go. Really hoping we do get something Wreck-it Ralph themed in its place.

  4. Didn’t care for it the one time I did it but if they are going to do away with it I hope they truly redesign the whole attraction and not just change some things up like they did when it went from Alien Encounter to Stitch.

  5. My sons both loved it, but my husband, daughter, and I were less than impressed. I hope that it’s reimagined as a Wreck-it Ralph attraction. My kids would love that!!

What do you think?

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