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Slinky Dog Has Arrived!

Slinky Dog Has Arrived!

Today, August 30th, is National Slinky Day.  How else would Disney World celebrate this National holiday? By announcing the arrival of a very important package to Hollywood Studios.  Slinky Dog has arrived!

The first Slinky Dog Dash Coaster car for the new Toy Story Land attraction pulled into Hollywood Studios this past Monday.  The truck pulling the secret cargo was spotted as it traveled through Georgia.  It was not long before photos hit the web of the uncovered Coaster car.

If the Slinky Dog Dash Coaster car came into Hollywood Studios last Monday, why wait until today to announce it officially?  National Slinky Day, that’s why.

The Official Arrival of Slinky Dog!

Disney also provided a newer video showing Disney Imagineers placing the first ride vehicle on its track.  Watch it below.

Toy Story Land will open in Hollywood Studios in Summer 2018.  Disney officially announced this at the D23 Expo in July 2017, along with the other news of Star Wars Land (now Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge) opening in 2019.

Are you ready for the new Toy Story Land to open?

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Wednesday 30th of August 2017

This coaster looks super-fun, and I really want to ride it, but I have never been good with roller coasters. In the 80s, Space Mountain was my first coaster at 6 years old at DLR, and I had no idea what I was about to ride. I've been traumatized ever since! I even get sweaty palms before riding the Barnstormer with my five-year old nephew, but between my elderly parents and myself, I have to do the riding, since the little one can't ride alone, and I don't want my fears hindering his experience at the parks.

I rode Mine Train and the Mountain Railroad in December for the first time ever, and those were very fun, as it was fast, and the drops were not as scary. I guess my big issues are drops and dips. I'm assuming that if things don't have an actual harness to strap you in that it's safe. All that babbling was basically to ask if Slinky Dog is expected to be like those two rides and Radiator Springs when it comes to speed and movement? I've looked at the simulation on You Tube, and there are some turns that I wonder about...


Wednesday 30th of August 2017

Ready for it to open! We'll be at Disney in 2 weeks. It would be fun to see the Slinky Dog on the track but I have a feeling it will be too early for that.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.