Home Disney World Moana is coming to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

Moana is coming to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

Moana is coming to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

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Hello Crew!  I’ve got some great news for many of you.  You’ve been hoping and dreaming of this day.  Moana is coming to Mickey’s Halloween Party and there’s more good news too!

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Not only will Moana be appearing at the the Halloween Party, but Prince Eric is going to be joining Ariel for meets as well during Mickey’s Party.  From what I was told, they are supposed to meet outdoors with Ariel wearing her dress.

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Anastasia and Drizella will be returning to the Not So Scary fun as well.  They can be found in the mornings in the Magic Kingdom, so it’s not as big of news as the other 2 characters.

Of course, seeing new characters coming into the party means other characters leaving.  Those reportedly leaving the party include Tinker Bell, Merida, Buzz Lightyear and Snow White.

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  1. Why would Disney World not bring her back during regular hours in the future? The lines for her at MNSHP are crazy long. I would think that would show how popular she is.

  2. Aweosme! Do you know if Ariel and Eric will meet continuously throughout the party and just take short breaks like Minnie, etc., or will they meet in specific broken up sets like Moana? Thanks.

  3. Do you think this will help with some of the lines for the other popular and rare characters? I’m curious to see if this will help with the insanely long wait for 7 Dwarfs and Jack and Sally.

    • I doubt that it will affect those. It will just be another option with a likely long line. Difference is that she will only offer broken up sets like Jack Sparrow, so fewer guests will meet her.

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