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First Look at 2017 Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Trading Pins

First Look at 2017 Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Trading Pins

This year’s Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party dates run from August 25th – November 1st.  So, we are going to put on Halloween costumes as early as August this year.  We will trick-or-treat around the Magic Kingdom.  See some spooky Disney characters like Jack Skellington, the Headless Horseman, and the Sanderson Sisters.  Watch the Boo To You Parade and the Happy Hallowishes fireworks show.  And for us Disney Trading Pin Collectors, there are the exclusive Halloween Party pins!

First Pin Images from Disney Parks Merchandise

Disney Parks Merchandise has already published images of the entire trading pin collection for the Halloween Party.  Guests can only buy these pins exclusively during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.  Because this party is a hard ticketed event (separate ticket required) and guests can only purchase these pins during the party, it can be frighteningly difficult to get certain pins.

Individual Pins for the Halloween Party

The main trading pin for the party features Mickey Mouse as  a vampire.  With hands up and fangs bared in a smile, Mickey is ready take a bite into all of the candy that he will get while trick or treating at the Halloween party.   Mickey’s inner vampire cloak has the logo “Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party” along with the year “2017”.  This is a limited release pin, meaning that there is not a limited number of pins so much as it will only be available during the party.  Any guests attending any Halloween Party will be able to purchase this pin.

First Look at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Trading Pins

The second individual pin features some recent additions to the Not So Scary Halloween Party: the Sandersons Sisters.  Guests can only see the Villain Spelltacular Castle Show during the Halloween party.  In it, they brew up some trouble by enlisting the help of other Disney Villians.  Their Trading Pin shows the three witches grouped together, with a brewing cauldron below printed with the words “2017 Villain Spelltacular” on it.

The Villain Spelltacular pin is a limited edition pin with an edition size of only 6,000 pins.  This means that there is a chance that the pin could sell out during the earlier Halloween parties, so pin collectors must keep that in mind when deciding what parties to attend and which pins to purchase.

Halloween Party 12 Pin Mystery Set

The 12 Pin Mystery Set is also a limited release.  Each of the 12 pins in the set feature either Mickey or one of his 11 friends dressed up in a Halloween costume.  Mickey is wearing  a Zorro costume.  Minnie is her go-to Witch costume.  And Winnie the Pooh:  a honey bee of course!  Each character is holding a different colored trick or treat bag with the words “Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party” written on it.

Collectors at the party can purchase sealed boxes containing 2 pins each.  Therefore, the buyer will not know what pins they are purchasing within the set.  This is where the “mystery” comes into play.  It is a challenge to get the entire mystery set.  Guests can either overbuy boxes and have duplicates certain pins.  But the other option is for guests to buddy up with others also buying the sets and participate in some on-the-spot trading.

The Villains are Ready to Take Over the Halloween Party

Pin Collectors who love the Disney Villains will be happy with the other major collection available at this year’s Mickey ‘s Not So Scary Halloween Party.  The Villains have their own set of pins featuring their evil likeness over a boiling cauldron.  Seven Villains appear in this set:  Evil Queen, Ursula, Hook, Maleficent, Hades, Jafar and Chernabog.

Each cauldron has a coordinating color on the front along with the Halloween party’s logo.  These pins contain a hinge, and the cauldrons all open to the left.   Inside there is an image from the Villain’s movie.  On the backside of the open cauldron, there is a metallic impression of an item that best embodies that Villain.  For an example, Maleficient’s pin has a spinning wheel on the back of the cauldron.  Hook has a skull and crossbones.

First Look at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Trading Pins

There are seven individual pins in this Villain’s set, but as in the past, collectors can only obtain all of them through special purchases.  First of all, the pin containing Hades is an Annual Passholder Exclusive (limited release).  Only Passholders who present their pass and personal ID can purchase Hades’ pin.  Second, all guests can purchase four pins individually:  Evil Queen, Ursula, Hook and Maleficent.  Each of these pins has an edition size of 5,400.

Finally, there are only two ways to purchase Jafar and Chernabog, the completer pins of the set.  The first way is purchasing the box set.  The box set has an edition size of 1,300, and includes all six pins (no Hades).  The sealed cardboard box has a clear window that showcases the pins.  The pins in the box set are closed, and collectors cannot see the images inside without opening the box.

First Look at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Trading Pins

Second, guests can also purchase the six pin tiered Frame Set.  The framed set contains the same pins as the box set.  The wooden frame has all six pins open at the hinge and ready for display on the wall.  The six pins are open in the frame, so viewers can see the inside image and icon.  Disney produced only 300 framed sets.

Get your Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Tickets now

Here are your pins for this year’s Halloween Party.  The first party starts on August 25th, so go ahead and get your tickets now if you haven’t already.  These pins are not the main reason for attending the party, for Disney Pin Collectors, having these exclusive pins is an added bonus when attending the Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom.

How do you decide which Halloween pins to purchase when you go to Mickey’s Party?  Are do you just go all out and get them all?


  1. Tried to buy the Six pin tiered box set of pins at MNSSHP tonite & that set does not exist. The boxed set only has five pins with Jafar as the completer / the only 6 pin set available is the 6 pin tired framed set with Chernabog as the completer pin. No sign of the 6 pin boxed set as illustrated above???

    • Don’t know who that is. Never heard of that person. I’m not a member there, so I wouldn’t know his credibility.

  2. Hey, I also heard a rumor over at (another forum that doesn’t allow KtP links) that Moana will be doing meet and greets at this year’s MNSSHP in Adventureland. I don’t think you are aware yet, but if you are I’m letting you know now.

    • Isn’t that the rumor that you began there? Btw, they don’t allow links to my sites over there, so I don’t allow their links over here. I was aware of your rumor thread there. I’ve not seen or heard any credible evidence yet that she will appear.

  3. Do you think guest will be let in early as in previous years to the Halloween party? I’ve hear of people being able to come in at 5pm in the past.

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