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Slinky Dog Dash Coaster Track Completed!

Slinky Dog Dash Coaster Track Completed!

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Recent views from World Drive and through the Main Entrance of Hollywood Studios show that work has been progressing in the under-construction Toy Story Land.  More and more, we can see glimpses of bright red track in the area through the trees and gaps in construction walls.  One of the new rides is taking shape in Toy Story  Land much faster than anything else.  Though there is still ground dirt everywhere behind those walls, the track for the Slinky Dog Dash family rollercoaster is already in place!

Slinky’s Track is in!

Disney just announced exciting news that this coaster track is now fully complete!  Disney Imagineering recently placed the last track  piece into place for the Slinky Dog Dash.  This is a huge milestone for the progression of Toy Story Land, and gives Disney World fans confidence that all of the construction is “on track” for the Summer 2018 opening timeframe provided by Disney Parks.

Disney Parks released the following video showing the placement of the last track piece.  It also has interviews with some Disney Imagineers working on Toy Story Land.

Although the track is in place, Disney Imagineers have much more work to do before Slinky will be ready to thrill families in Hollywood Studios.  Work still remains on optimizing the track and setting it permanently into place.  The video mentions the ride vehicle will eventually arrive and testing can begin for the ride mechanics.  There is still some time, though, before we will see Slinky skimming over the construction walls.

Ready to play next Summer?

When Toy Story Land opens in Summer 2018, guests will shrink down to the size of Andy’s toys as they enter the new area.   There they will find that Andy has been playing with his Mega Coaster Track Kit.  Andy has also added other toys to make the perfect structure for Slinky Dog to race around, and families can jump on Slinky to join the fun.

As we hear further news about the Slinky Dog Dash Coaster, or even the Alien Swirling Saucers (the other new attraction for Toy Story Land), we will be sure to share the news.

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Thursday 3rd of August 2017

This looks so cute! Can't wait to try it.

Mary Anderson

Wednesday 2nd of August 2017

Any predictions for height requirement? It sounds family-focused, so I'm wondering if it will be as low as 7DMT, or if it's going to be more thrilling.


Wednesday 2nd of August 2017

They haven't announced one yet. Could be 36 or 40" perhaps?

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