Home Disney World Pirates of the Caribbean to offer an on-ride photo opportunity!

Pirates of the Caribbean to offer an on-ride photo opportunity!

Pirates of the Caribbean to offer an on-ride photo opportunity!

Ahoy Crew Members!  The one ride that has always needed a great on-ride photo will soon offer one.  Pirates of the Caribbean will begin offering an on-ride photo opportunity!

On June 19, 2017 Disney Photopass will begin capturing your on-ride photo on the great Pirates of the Caribbean attraction in the Magic Kingdom.  Be sure to strike yer colors fer yer photos.

The photo will take place as you exit the haunted grotto and make the big drop down toward Barbossa’s ship.  The photo will automatically be added to those who have a MagicBand linked to their My Disney Experience accounts.  There will not be a viewing area at the ride.  Think of this in the same fashion as Frozen Ever After.

If you don’t have a linked MagicBand, you will not have access to this special photo.  Those with Memory Maker and annual passes that provide downloads can access them at no additional fee.

Properly warned ye be!


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  1. Again, you do not need an Annual Pass to get these photos. You do need a My Disney Experience account and you need a linked MagicBand. Guest Services can assist you with setting these up. Any Guest Services location in any theme park can help you with this setup.

    You don’t need to use the MagicBand for anything other than ride videos or photos, but if you like, if you link your park ticket to your My Disney Experience account (which then also links your park ticket to your MagicBand), you can use a FastPass+ kiosk in the park to get FastPasses for rides on the day of your visit. No phone needed! Again, Guest Services can assist you with all of this. Just enter the park and go directly to Guest Services and they will set you up!

  2. The difference is the MagicBand. The technology uses the new wide-area RFID called “XID” to scan all of the MagicBands of all of the people in the ride vehicle. The photo will then be linked to your My Disney Experience (MDE) account automatically.

    This is exactly what happens on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (how the ride video is added to your account), and there is no photo review area at the end of the ride.

  3. Is this at Disneyland in California or just WDW? We are going to Disneyland in August 2017 and I am confused about Photopasses and MagicBands. This will be our ten year old sons first time going and I want to get the most out of the trip on a very tight budget.
    Character autograph question… I have the app that shows the characters that appear daily at Disneyland and Disney California but are there others that they don’t show on this app? Like I see pics of people with the characters from UP (Dug and Russel) but I have not seen them listed on the app in the last couple of months. Does Lightning McQueen “sign” autograph books?

    • MagicBands are only in Walt Disney World as is this photo opportunity. Click on Disneyland on my menu and you’ll find the characters that meet at Disneyland and California Adventure.

  4. You don’t have to have an annual pass to get your pictures. Your photos will go into you My Disney Experience account. Then, you can purchase the photo online, individually or with a Memory Maker (ahead of time to get all your photos digitally). I’m not sure if the camera stores in WDW still print them on the spot. Maybe someone else knows…

  5. I think it’s a great idea but a lot of us will once again get cheated out of this. Why can’t they just do the photos and sell them like they do for some other rides? Plus, I’m a senior and don’t have a phone of any kind and can’t afford an annual pass any more. ; (

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