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October 2017 Disney World Crowd Calendar now available

Disney World Crowd Calendar October 2017

If you’ve been waiting on my October 2017 Disney World Crowd Calendar, you’re in luck!  

The Crowd Calendar for October 2017 is now ready for those of you planning to visit Walt Disney World.  It includes initial park hours, Extra Magic Hours and schedules for parades and fireworks.

The park hours will update several times throughout the next month and more showtimes will be added for things like Star Wars Fireworks and Rivers of Light.  This initial October 2017 Disney World Crowd Calendar will help you choose the best park to visit each day as you create your initial plan and book your dining.

I would expect the Columbus Day week to become drastically different by mid-September as the Magic Kingdom usually opens at 8am each day.


  1. so that is the only reason – park not open full day so people will avoid it unless they have season pass or hoppers. Still will be crowded though if you are expecting crowd levels of insane right? Trying to figure out what to do those couples days of high crowds.

  2. Curious why MK is the best park day on Columbus day (and days around it) when you have crowds listed as “Insane” Isn’t that usually the park most visit during a long weekend. We are there the several days prior and after that weekend but Mk seems to be only green on the holiday weekend. I am not sure I want to brave MK that weekend – what was the reasoning?

  3. What time does the Disney website open to begin making advance dining reservations and fastpasses, once our booking window opens?

  4. Yes, I have same question as Lauren! We actually are booked for beginning of December but was wondering the same for MVMCP.

  5. When would you expect November hours to be posted and also dates for MVMCP? I really want to nail down my park dyes before my ADR deadline in early May. Thanks!!!

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