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Extensive Disney World park hours updates including Star Wars Fireworks and Rivers of Light

Disney World Crowd Calendar and Park Hours 2018 and 2019

Disney World park hours for April through September saw many updates over the weekend.  The updates include some added Star Wars Fireworks and Rivers of Light shows.

On my April 2017 Crowd Calendar, you’ll notice that the Magic Kingdom has done its typical extension of park hours during the Insanely busy Easter break as well as adding an hour here or there to other days into early May.  If you booked an 8am breakfast hoping to beat the crowds into the park during Easter, you’re out of luck again.

Star Wars Fireworks were finally added and Hollywood Studios park hours extended to the May 2017 Disney World Crowd Calendar and the dessert parties are now open for booking for May.  I actually found this dessert party to be worth my time and money to not have to sit in a single spot for 45 minutes.  When Fantasmic! and the Star Wars Fireworks are 30 minutes apart, you will not be able to see both in a single night.

Rivers of Light shows were added through July 2017, but as of March 19, 2017 they haven’t added the extra dessert parties yet.  Keep checking on that, if it’s something you’re interested in doing.

For my August Crowd Calendar, you’ll find that Animal Kingdom has extended park hours for the entire month.  I’d expect the initial Rivers of Light show time to be added next month.

As always, more park hour extensions will occur and more Rivers of Light shows could be added from May-October.  Most of the time they occur mid-month, but could happen at any time.



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  1. As always, thank you for the quick response! They have added the dining packages now. Looking at Tusker House, just to do the reserved seating. Do you think on a very light crowd day, that this will be needed to get in to ROL? I don’t want to use one of my FP on it. Thanks!

  2. We are going to AK on 9/27. On the Disney site, it shows a Rivers of Light time for 8:15PM on 9/27. It does not offer a Rivers of Light Dining Package on this day, and it does not list a show on your September Crowd Calendar. Do you know if there is ROL show on 9/27 and/or if there is a chance there will be one.

  3. I got an ADR for our hollywood studio night in Oct but no clue if I need to change it due to Star Wars fireworks – what time do they typically set them off – at park closing time? or prior to that? Just wanted to make sure we were done in time to see them – last trip it was still the prep and landing Christmas show so we missed it.

    Also – how long is ROL and what have been the typical times? I saw 6 on a view calendars. This is all for Oct planning

    One MK question is Happily Ever After a fireworks show or a projection show on the castle? or both? I know it is the new replacement but was not sure what it replaced exactly. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for this too. I’m planning for the first week of October, but trying to read up on as much as possible since I’ll be making ADRs long before they release Rivers of Light and Star Wars Fireworks schedules. So frustrating that they basically force you to make park decisions/ADR decisions 6 months in advance, but have no problem changing park hours and special events right up until the last minute.

  5. Agreed! We have to make reservations 180 days out so we do that then they “change the deal” and now we have to scramble. It feels unfair.

  6. Thanks Kenny! Happy to see the extra hours but yet so frustrated because the extended hours change so many of our existing reservations/fast passes for our April trip. Wish they wouldn’t wait so long to post this stuff.

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