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Disney World Crowd Calendar May 2020

Disney World Crowd Calendar May 2020

The Disney World Crowd Calendar May 2020 begins as a very light and pleasant month.  The weather isn’t very hot yet and it rains occasionally, but not consistently.  The first two weeks of May are a great time to visit for lower crowds and beautiful flowers.

Early May is among the best times to visit Disney World in terms of crowds and weather.   Late May begins the Summer travel season with the Memorial Day Weekend kickoff and the calendar gets busier for summer.

You can enjoy any day in the parks by going to a green park, arriving at least 45 minutes before rope drop and following one of my touring plans to get the most out of your day.

Later in the month, I recommend the strategy of arriving early and taking a mid-afternoon break.  Go for a swim with the kids and enjoy the pool, then take a nap of an hour or so before returning to a park for evening entertainment and rides.

Disney World Crowd Calendar May 2020

Will the park hours for Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom be extended?

Disney usually releases preliminary hours, then adds hours the closer you get to your trip.  You can expect Hollywood Studios to have fireworks added to the schedule a couple months out.

What will the weather be like during your May trip?

  • Average high temperature:  89°F
  • Average low temperature:  65°F
  • Mean temperature:  77°F
  • Record high temperature:  100°F (1967)
  • Record low temperature:  47°F (1992)
  • Average Precipitation:  3.10 in.

It can still get hot in May, especially late May, with an average high of 89 and average low of 65, and humid in Orlando.  Dress in light colors and wear comfortable shoes with socks that breathe.  Bring a small, handheld fan for each child.

Bring a poncho for each person and a stroller cover because there’s often afternoon thunderstorms in the summer.  May is about in the middle in terms of average rain.

Should I use Extra Magic Hours privilege?

Avoid the trap of visiting a park on its longest hours day.  More people will be there and the wait times can be 30% to 100% higher than other days.

If you are planning to use Extra Magic Hours, use the morning ones, they are a great benefit, if you leave after lunch or parade time.  Avoid the parks that offer evening Extra Magic Hours because they have large crowds at night and many rides have long lines (Hollywood Studios and Epcot).

The exception would be the Magic Kingdom late at night because most guests won’t stay up until Midnight in the morning.  If you choose a Late Extra Magic Hour park, you should plan to sleep in the next day.

Disney World Extra magic hours attractions

A note on Fastpass+ Booking

Fastpass+ can be booked 60 days in advance for ONSITE guests and 30 days in advance for OFFSITE guests and Annual Passholders.  You can begin booking them at 7am Eastern Time.  The booking dates are included on my Disney Crowd Calendar below.

What attractions will be CLOSED for refurbishment during your trip

Disney World and Disneyland Attraction Refurbishments

Special May Events at Walt Disney World

To read the crowd level, follow the DATE at the top!  The best park each day is marked in GREEN.

Lowest Crowds
Low Crowds / Best Park
Moderate Crowds / Median Park
Busy Crowds
Insane Crowds / Worst Park

Weekly view includes all entertainment options, weather and Fastpass/Dining booking dates!

Be sure to print in landscape mode with background image turned on!

If you are viewing on a desktop/laptop, you will see a week at a time with all the full details.  It is printable.  If you are on mobile, it will show in mobile format that will stream down the page.  You must subscribe to Character Locator in order to see Friday/Saturday in Mobile View.

My Crowd Calendar includes park hours, Extra Magic Hours, special entertainment options, 180 Days Dining Window, 60 and 30 Day Fastpass+ Booking Windows!

May 2020 Disney World Crowd Calendar and Park Hours

Historical Hours

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  1. Is Wednesday usually a good or bad day to visit Hollywood Studios? It does not seem to have extra magic hours in the calendar but some weeks you mark it as green and others as yellow. Is this decision based on previous crowd levels??? I am hoping to do HS on May 13, 2020 but wondering if I should avoid it that day as you marked it as yellow??? Thanks for your expert input!

    • Expected crowd level for that particular park and day. With that said, every day at Hollywood Studios is now a mess and could easily be marked red :)

  2. I did realize lol thanks! It was more of an opinion I was asking for to get information if MDW crowds would impact the week before. The calendar is very clear thanks though, Aletha.

  3. Guessing she didn’t realize red is heavy crowds and green is light crowds as noted on your legend… however I’m curious why the header for May 10 says heaviest crowds while 3 of the 4 parks are green?

  4. Hey Kenny,

    I’m visiting May 16-20 of 2020. I see you anticipate the crowds to be light. Happy to see that! Curious if you still think Memorial Day Weekend crowds will begin to impact those dates?


  5. Hi, Kenny! Quick question about May 7-11…does the cheer competition have a big effect on crowds? We are planning to visit this weekend, but now I’m thinking we should change until the following weekend in May. Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  6. My certified Disney vacation specialist who booked my trip told me to go to the parks on the days when there were extra magic hours. You advise against them. Now I’m unsure what to do. Any help is appreciated.

  7. Hi Kenny,

    I know the calendars for May 2019 are not out yet but I am wondering if things run similar each year? We are going Tues 5/14-5/21 so I’m looking at 5/15-22 for 2018 to get a general idea for dining and planning purposes. Or does it vary a lot from year to year at the same time frame?

    Thank you!

  8. Generally speaking with all things being equal from a no special event standpoint and equal weather and everything, would you say Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday is the preferred day? I’ve always gone on Tuesday, but noticed recently that Wednesday has seemed to have lower crowds when I look at the app.

  9. We visited on May 2 and 3. Was suppose to be Green light days in the parks we chose. Epcot, AK and MK were extremely crowded. Trying to walk through the parks was like spring break crowds walking and bumping into people. The lines were extremely long for everything. I’ve never waited in line for living with the land ever and the wait on a light crowd day was 30 minutes. I was surprised at how many people were here. Lots of school and dance groups. This is the most crowded I’ve seen it this time of year. We come this time every year.

    • On Wednesday my friend and I did every ride in Epcot TWICE. And we left before 5 pm. It was very light crowds. Wait times were noting like Spring Break in any green park I visited.

  10. Hey Kenny! Curious on something. Do you think this May we will see lighter crowds than normal because people will be postponing their trips in order to wait for the Toy Story Land opening in June? I also wondered why AK was rated Worst park on May 31 on your crowd calendar? And final question: how crazy do you think it would be to try to fit 3 parks in 1 day when 1 park might take up half the day, one park only holds 1-2 attractions that we are interested in, and the third park only holds a handful plus the evening attractions.

    • No, I don’t foresee people postponing their trips.
      Animal kingdom is the Gay Days park choice, which brings large crowds. Marked as such.
      If that is how you wish to spend your day, go for it

  11. This is amazing and the most detailed calendar I have found. Thank you! I am planning on going to Animal Kingdom (no other parks this trip) either May 17th or 18th. The 17th is showing yellow but not EMK hours so I’m wondering why it is yellow vs green. I was thinking it would be less crowded than the 18th since that’s a Friday but you have it green the 18th so now I’m not sure which day would be better. If you have advice that’d be amazing but if your too busy no worries. Also it says the park closes at 9 but the river of light show starts at 9:15 do you know how that works?

  12. Hi. I’m looking at May 25-May 29, 2018 and each of those days has HS listed as a red day and worst park. Is there any reason, other than Memorial Day weekend, for all those consecutive days worst days for HS? Trying to figure out a plan for that park that weekend. Thanks much!

  13. Hi Kenny. Apologies if you’ve already posted this elsewhere; I noticed that Disney doesn’t have Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular on the schedule past the end of April. Do you know yet if this show ending or being replaced by something else? We’ll be at WDW that last week of April to first week May, so I may have to switch our days around as our little ones have just gotten all into Star Wars! Thanks for all you do!

  14. I noticed for Friday, May 5th – Monday, May 7th you have the crowds listed as heavy. Is this normal for early May? Is there an event going on that weekend?

  15. Thanks! They show Disney Afterhours on the website under Spring Events, but no dates are attached, but I know they did it in March, I sure wish they’d offer that when we are there or another 24 hour event again

  16. Seems odd that MK is scheduled to close at 10 pm on Memorial Day, do you think those hours will be extended? it’s the earliest closing day that week.

  17. I just saw this post what do you mean by 2 hour previews for Pandora?? We are going to be at WDW from April 30 to May 5th does this mean we can ride the new attractions during 2 hour previews? And will let let people know the times? Thank You Kenny :)

  18. Excited to see the May 2017 Dates up :) I am noticing that the hours for 2017 are much different than 2016 or the historical hours. I know that these may change, but I was wondering if this is a trend that we will be seeing in 2017?… that the parks are going to be closing earlier each day? AND NO Night time for Animal Kingdom!?! :(

  19. I was just curious if something major is happening next weekend May 13th, 14th and 15th. Looking at this weekends May 6th, 7th and 8th crowd level perdictions and next weekend notice a higher perdiction even from last year crowd level.

  20. Hi,
    When you hit the May….. Month in View With Park Hours and Recommendations Only list….. It comes up April. I’ve tried it on my Mac, iPhone, and Tablet. Thanks for what you do.

  21. Ah I had planned for my family to be a in HS a day when there are no star wars fireworks! I have us scheduled to be in Epcot, if we left Epcot after Illuminations would we make in time for the fireworks in HS? Thanks!

  22. Thanks Kenny. I did notice one small confsing point for May 1…park close is list at 10,,,but Fantasmic is listed at both 9pm and 10:30pm….find this a bit odd…but you have more experience in these things than me. Does that really mean they wull have two showings? And the last one is AFTER listed park close time?

  23. There are a few days missing on the May 2016 calendar. We are there Thurs May 12 through Monday May 16, can’t find Fri and Sat. With that being said, working on itinerary. What days do you suggest at which park. Looking to do Animal Kingdom Sunday. (or part of Sunday). Thoughts as Fast Pass date approaches. Thanks.

  24. Hey Kenny! Great post and thank you! Wanted to let you know as I was going to enlarge the crowd calendar for May – it says May, but it is April’s dates and calendar. Thanks for doing what you do. We’ve subscribed in the past and LOVED how helpful your information was during MNSSHP to get “rare” autographs!!

      • The weekly crowd calendars are accurate, but the ‘month in view’ shows May as the header but is filled in with April dates and days. Is there something I should do on my end besides clearing cookies to refresh my webpage to view it correctly? Thanks for your help!

  25. Moderate crowd on top… MK red on next line… just wondering how is it moderate and red. I know I missed something and read your whole site trying to find an explanation. Great site for first timers.

  26. Your website is great!! The crowd counter dates for May 2016 are off. One week is duplicated and the last week of May is not provided. When you click on the last week it’s actually the previous week.

  27. Hi Kenny, thanks for all the information! I have really enjoyed looking at your site and your write-ups re Star Wars, the Pirate League etc. We are avid Star Wars fans (well my husband and 9 year old are) who have been planning a trip for over a year in May 2016 to coincide with Star Wars weekends per school is letting out early this year only… We are very bummed but hoping perhaps that the Feel the Force will be extended (if it happens) or perhaps some food options or fireworks etc… but irregardless I would like to be in HS one of the weekend dates incase anything is happening…. our park dates are Friday May 20-Thursday May 26… however we may decide to cancel one day since Star Wars weekend aren’t happening. My kids are 9,7,3 if that helps and first trip for all kids… I was thinking starting with Epcot since no Star Wars, then HS on Sat, MK on Sunday, perhaps AK on Monday would be ok since magic hours are in the morning? and I had hoped 2-3 MK days per we will be doing one breakfast and one dinner at resorts thinking the kids would want the extra time in MK… but according to the crowd calendars Tues and Wed don’t look good for MK… I guess if we stay and don’t cancel we could go to water park on Wednesday and go to MK on Thursday… ugh so bummed about Star Wars weekends… any advice you have would be awesome… thanks Beth

  28. Not sure how to plan. We have 4 park days planned for 5/10 thru 5/13. Planning to visit DHS & Epcot once & 3 of us are doing MK twice & the other group is only doing MK once in the hopes of attending the first day of SWW on 5/13. We do not have park hoppers.
    In order to have all green days we will have to do MK twice back to back. #firstworldproblems
    How crazy busy would a red day be at MK on 5/11 & Epcot on 5/12?
    I’m the only planner in the family & I’m driving myself crazy over this. I can start making my ADRs in 2 weeks & want to figure this out.
    Any input you can give me? I’ve never been this time of year.

    • I’m not seeing SWW yet in park hours. They have never offered EMH on SWW weekends and they are offered every weekend. Could always change it up, but not looking good at moment.
      Red days are far busier at MK. Ep is usually more manageable because there are fewer attractions.

  29. Do you know how many Move It Shake It Dance and Play It Street Parties there will be on May 31st since Magic Kingdom is closing early that day?

  30. Gotta leave a comment on this: waited with many others in the hot, hot sun yesterday, anxiously awaiting characterpalooza. When the gates opened up and we all flooded in the three characters were mobbed. No order, no direction from cast members. Finally a mom yelled to them what are you doing? Is there a line? And everyone lucky enough to be on the correct side was immediately in line. Those of us with very small kids were not. More waiting??? Another 45 minutes? Sorry, we left. Very disappointed with how this was handled. Hope it’s not usually such a mess.

  31. With the longer operating hours/addition of a 2nd Fantasmic on 5/3, does the Characterpalooza schedule change? Thanks Kenny!

  32. Hi there. I found your site/information from some folks at disboards.com. Someone over there mentioned that Character Palooza happens 3 times a day if there is just one Fantasmic show, but for the second week in May you only have one time listed. Can you help clarify this for me, please and thank you!

  33. Hi, just found out there is a cheer competition May 1-3 of this year. Should I be worried about crowds at Epcot? Rumor is 40,000 people but will they be tied up in the competition? How crazy are we talking? Any idea?

    • 40,000 is a drop in the bucket at Epcot. Not sure where that number came from though. Cheerleaders do their thing at Hollywood Studios.

  34. Hi Kenny,

    Last summer we came across a pile of characters in the World Showcase (I think they came from a gate between Italy and America?). Is this a planned event, like characterpalooza? If so, is there a set/published time it happens?

    Thanks in advance!

  35. Thanks for the May Parks calendar. Will you be posting the Resort Recreation schedule for May? We are going to stay at Pop and enjoyed lookin at the April one you posted.

  36. Thanks for checking!!!!! That’s too early to close, boooo!!! Haha :) loved the Easter character pics yesterday, looks like you all had a great time!

  37. Love the calendar, easy to read! Question – May 4th you have HS times as 9-8:30 but everywhere else is 9-10pm? Just checking as we are going to be bummed if it really closes at 8:30 that day.

  38. Comments? Like it. Another handy piece of information. Ideas? Any way to ‘wrap’ or ‘personalize the calendar into a week? For example – going down in a few weeks arriving on a Thursday – and leaving the following Tuesday. That way I could blend into one calendar. Possible times for Characterpalooza on the list? Also – how about a key – or making it larger on the top for the dates. Expanding the top date slice by a line might help. Other thoughts? Shade the entire details for each park according to color… ALL MK details in one color – not just the top box. Could that information be consolidated? Looking at where HS is listed – it seems like an extra line on EVERY box. Could all be two lines? Most look like three – but only need it for one or two of the seven days.

    Of course, you’re the expert. Ignore whatever you don’t like. Thanks – and good luck!

    • Added a note about the fact that I’m unsure of Palooza times. They will be added when I’m sure. Tried coloring the entire park in red or green for a certain day, but it was really hard on the eyes. I don’t have a clue how to wrap from one week to the other. Print one image on one side and one on the other side of paper and you’re golden. Extra lines are so I can add other details like Osborne lights if needed. I could easily consolidate info into a single box or multiple boxes. I’ll have to look at that. It would still be the same amount of space though.

  39. I love it! Will definitely print and take on my trip in 2 weeks! Your site and info has been invaluable in planning our 1st WDW trip, and I feel so confident in my planning with the tools you have provided. I’m a bit worried that one of our MK days is RED (5/8) and really wish I didn’t have such strict plans (sick as FP for Anna & Elsa and Be Our Guest that day) otherwise I would switch! Hoping we’ll survive it…

    • Go at rope drop, and use FP+ and you’ll still have fun. I just don’t recommend days because the crowds will be higher than others. Can still have a great day and do all that you want.

  40. They have calendars up on the Hub for Cast Members that look identical to these. That’s how we know when the Frontierland Hoedown and Voyage of the Little Mermaid is. It also tells us the breaks for fur characters and when they are supposed to be.

  41. Love having all that information in one spot. Only took a few minutes to get up to speed on how to read it. That is a good sign to me. There are some out there where I have to keep a legend handy to figure out what all is what but I didn’t have to do that with yours. That puts it in the keep pile for me

  42. I think this is a great idea. It will be a great reference to take with me and have everything all in one page. Would be great in the fall to see MNSSHP and MVMCP days as well as their parade and show times. Love it! :)

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