Home Disney World More Rivers of Light shows added for Disney’s Animal Kingdom

More Rivers of Light shows added for Disney’s Animal Kingdom

More Rivers of Light shows added for Disney's Animal Kingdom


More Rivers of Light shows added for Disney’s Animal Kingdom

If you have been waiting for Rivers of Light showtime for July 2017, you’re in luck!  Disney has added one show per night for the entire month of July.  I believe they will add a second show as we get closer to the date, but can’t guarantee that.  You can find the added Rivers of Light shows on my July Disney World Crowd Calendar.

I checked for July 2017 Rivers of Light dining packages and found that they have not been added to the system yet, but I’d expect that to occur any day, so keep an eye out for those if you are searching for one.

This summer should prove to be a busy one at Disney’s Animal Kingdom with Pandora officially opening in late May.  It will prove to be a very popular destination for guests at night.  Rumor has it that Animal Kingdom may bring back the Late Extra Magic Hours that they removed a couple of years ago.  Disney hasn’t added any Extra Magic Hours yet, so we will wait and see.

If they add the Extra Magic Hours back to Animal Kingdom, it will be a nice perk for onsite guests to see the land after dark, but I’d still expect long lines fo the two new rides.

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  1. ROL dining packages into September went up on the website yesterday. I tried to book an early July date but it kept coming back as nothing available–I was crushed, I’ve been checking every day for the past month, I thought, how is this possible that there is nothing?! So I called and the cast member said they can’t book it either, they can only see the dates. She said to keep checking, she would expect people to actually be able to book the package any day now. Good luck!

  2. Would you recommend a 1-day or 2-day touring plan for AK in October, now that Pandora is opening and Rivers of Light is a new attraction?

  3. Waited 1 and half hours for rivers of light. Good music underwhelming show would not want to see again no repeat value for me

  4. I would love the opportunity to experience Animal Kingdom at night. Hoping they will extend August hours and add show times for ROL too.

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