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Avatar Flight of Passage to be a 3D attraction

Avatar Flight of Passage to be a 3D attraction

It’s common knowledge that guests will board a specially created “link chair” that connects the guest to their own Banshee, but Good Morning America revealed that Avatar – Flight of Passage will be a 3D attraction!

With these specially designed 3D googles that will fit comfortably over existing glasses you’ll be able to see the full 3 Dimensional world that is Pandora.  In the original film, the beauty of the 3D work is what made the movie a blockbuster.  It appears that the creators made sure that the effect will carry over to the Disney’s Animal Kingdom ride version.

Avatar Flight of Passage to be a 3D attraction

It’s believed that the Banshee will hold up to 2 guests per vehicle and is restricted to those 44″ or taller.  The attraction will offer Fastpass+ and is sure to be snatched up quickly when they go live.  Think of it as blend of Star Tours and Soarin’ with no bench seating.  Younger children will be required to ride with a person 14 or older.

The pre-show will feature an area where each guest will be matched up with their own Banshee as well.


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  1. 3D triggers my migraine attacks. I know most people love it, but I would rather see some great attractions and experiences without it.

  2. I do not like thrill rides, so I am curious if I am going to be able to enjoy this one! I love Soarin and Star Tours, but because both of those of a height limit of 40″, do you think this will be more for thrill seekers?

    Also, I wear glasses so I think this is awesome they’ve designed 3D glasses to accommodate this!

    • Height limit is due to the difference in ride vehicle. I doubt it will be too much of a thrill ride. Think of it as 3D Soarin on a motorcycle

  3. Ugh, I really hope it’s not a simulator that aggravates vertigo I can handle Soaring, but I stay away from Star Tours.

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