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Rivers of Light Dining Packages now available

Rivers of Light Dining Package information

Reservations are now available for the first public performance of Rivers of Light!

Beginning February 17, 2017 guests can book special dining packages that include reserved viewing for Rivers of Light at Tiffins Restaurant and Tusker House.   You receive the reserved viewing, your dinner and non-alcoholic beverage.  You may purchase alcoholic beverages at the restaurant for an additional cost.

Rivers of Light Dining Packages

Tusker House Restaurant

Tusker House is offering Rivers of Light Dining Packages for all meal periods including Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  It MUST be booked as the Dining Package. A regular reservation that you made previously will NOT count!  You can use ONE Disney Dining Plan Table Service Credit for payment at Tusker House.

Tusker House Rivers of Light Dining Package  (Dining Plan Eligible – ONE Credit)

  • Breakfast: $39.00 adults  $23.00 children ages 3 to 9
  • Lunch/Dinner: $52.00 adults $32.00 children ages 3 to 9

Tiffins Rivers of Light Dining Package Prices (Dining Plan Eligible – TWO Credits)

  • Lunch/Dinner:  $67.00 adults $26 children ages 3 to 9

Reservations for Rivers of Light Dining Package can now be made at 407-WDW-DINE or online.


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  1. Kenny, do you know if ROL dining packages will be available the last week of November- early December? If so, do you think think it will continue to be only 4 days a week? Thanks in advance. LOVE your site, God Bless.

  2. KtP, do you know when reservations for ROL dining will open up for the Fall? I noticed there aren’t any scheduled performances of ROL beyond August so I assume once those times are announced the dining will follow. Is there an anticipated time frame for that? I’m looking for October. Thanks!!!

  3. I am waiting for the Rivers of Light packages to open for September…just adding a comment here so I can follow this blog. I will continue to check back on the times. Thanks as always for the info!

  4. I thought there was talk of ROL dining package also including Yak and Yeti. Is that not the case? My husband enjoys that restaurant and it would be wonderful to get ROL seats with the meal. Thanks.

  5. We have a trip booked for early July, but as of right now, I only see availability through the end of June. Guess I’ll just check back often.

  6. What’s the COST difference between a regular reservation at Tusker House and then a Dining Pavkage reservation for Lunch? Is there a cost difference?

  7. Do you know if you can still use your TiW discount for dinner show packages at Tusker House? I know that a regular reservation allowed a 20% discount with the TiW. Thanks!

  8. Thanks for the update! So, are you saying that we can do the breakfast at Tusker House for 1 table service credit and then that will give us the reserved seating for the show? (if we book it as the special dining package)
    Thank you for clarifying

    • If you book the Dining Package, you get breakfast for 1 credit. Just make sure you book the package from the link at the bottom of the page

  9. I took the chance and canceled my original reservation for Feb 23rd with another browser window open on the dining package page. I was as to switch ours, but it’s a risk. Good luck if you try it.

      • Nothing was available. I had to take risk that my regular dining reservation would be available for dining package if I canceled my original reservation. It was a nerve wracking few seconds LOL

  10. I attempted to update our Tusker House reservation for July and they said no dates available past June 30th at this time.
    Curious if anyone else got the results?

  11. We already have a reservation at Tusker House for 2/28, and there are no packages available. Too bad they won’t honor those that are already made.

  12. I reserved an evening package at Tusker House! Do you know if the evening meal with still be a character dining experience? Thanks for the help!

  13. It’s Feb 9th today and I just reserved mine at Tusker House!!!! It seems they’ve opened up some reservations early. I’m going in April.

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